It’s A Little Nippy, But Let’s Take A Walk

We haven’t taken a walk around the farm for awhile.

So, get your coat on, it’s a little nippy out, and let’s take a walk.

The dogwood trees sure are pretty this time of year.


I think it’s time to clean the mower. There’s grass growing on the mower deck.


I wonder what made that muddy trail through the clover?


This is one of many abandoned bird nests.


I wonder if a new bird family will move in next year?

Look at this crazy grass.


I would hate to be a bug trying to find my way out of that maze.

Here’s my thinkin’ rock.


Often when I’ve got something weighing on my mind, I”ll search out my thinkin’ rock and sit a spell.

Several problems have been thought out and a resolved while sitting on that rock.

Sometimes we just have to be still to hear God talking to us.

And here’s what I call the thinkin’ tree.


When I was MUCH younger I would have climbed that tree and sat there and pondered about the things important to a young mind. Like school or friends or maybe what I hoped Santa would bring.

Cause I was all about climbing trees when I was a child.

And here’s a rainbow to brighten your day.


I hope each and every one of you are having a bight and cheerful day!




14 comments on “It’s A Little Nippy, But Let’s Take A Walk

  1. Becky: Looks like a herd of cows are travelling through your clover, they are probably checking on you to see if you were on the thinking rock. Great photos of your area and the strips of grass.

  2. That made me happy. I love things like thinkin rocks and thinkin trees.

    Just wondering if maybe your cow eating spiders made those mazes in an effort to confuse you. Maybe make you a little dizzy… all the better to catch you with my dear.

  3. Oh Becky…..I just loved that walk along with you this morning. My most favorite spot was the thinking rock. I think we all need a thinking spot and I think a spot in the woods would make a wonderful thinking spot. I know God is everywhere, but it is more special when we have our own special spot away from everything. Thank you for sharing yours with me.

  4. I loved what you said about sitting still so we can hear God talking to us.

    Thank you for the walk. It was a nice reminder to me to enjoy what is out there as well.

    Good seeing what you see through your eyes.

  5. I like this post. Your thinking rock & tree makes me think of when I was a young girl. I used to carry a writing pad around with me & sit under a tree to write.

  6. Great pictures! Thank you so much for sharing them. I love big rocks like that and the rainbow was beautiful! What was with that crazy grass though? LOL! It was interesting!

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