Tempting Fate

I have to tell you….

I’m not a superstitious person.

I don’t throw spilled salt over my left shoulder.

I don’t freak out when a black cat crosses my path.

Walking under a ladder does not worry me.

I don’t have to exit through the same door I entered.


Each night, when I go to bed, there are thirteen comments on my blog.

Not every night, but most nights.

Usually, someone will comment the next day and bring the total somewhere past thirteen.

The number thirteen does not usually bother me.

It’s just a number.

But the fact that there are thirteen comments on most nights makes me a little uneasy.

Occasionally……… does not bother me.

But almost daily, kinda gives me the willy’s.

So if one of you who doesn’t normally comment, could comment each day…..maybe I could sleep a little more peaceful at night.

I know it’s just a number.

But there’s no sense in tempting fate, right?

Strange thing is…when I wrote this post, I didn’t realize that it was so close the Friday the thirteenth.


17 comments on “Tempting Fate

  1. Hmmmm…looks like I’m number 10, and only 14 minutes to go!

    Now me, I throw salt over my shoulder, try to aviod black cats in my path and don’t walk under ladders. I put broken mirrors under water to remove the bad luck. The number 13, however, isn’t a problem for me, being one of 13 lucky siblings.

  2. Well, it looks like you made it to bed this time with only 10 comments. I’m the 11th and it is 4:20 in the morning! Atleast, I hope your not still up!

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