It’s When Things Get Done

I thought I’d clue you in on a few more things “getting done” here on the farm.

I’ll start with the digging of the iris bed. Its been a few years since I’ve thinned them out and they are in desperate need of thinning.

I’m just not sure what I’m gonna do with all the “extra” I’ll end up with. Every time I thin them, I give many away.


I give them to family and friends. I send them to work with The Captain and the guys take some home to their wives to pretty up their house.

The original farm house site is where I found these. There were about a dozen. They had been abandoned for many years.  I’m surprised they lasted with so many years of neglect.

But I dug them up and transplanted them in my flower bed. I have since dug them about 4 times. And I know I have given a thousand or more away. And this year I know I’ll end up with a couple of hundred to find new homes for, whether it be here on the farm or at a friends house. Notice I didn’t say family. They all run and hide when they see me digging the iris’. They have more than they need. It’s kinda like the basket of zucchini that mysteriously finds its way to a porch in the middle of the night.

I have dug up a small bed already, the ones shown above. It was a small iris bed that was in desperate need of digging. From it I gave away 170 iris’.

The next one is a huge iris bed. The last time I thinned it, I ended up with over 500 iris’ to give away.

So that’s another of the things getting accomplished here on the farm.

Fall is the time when things get done. It’s not too hot as in the throws of the Summer sun.

And it’s not too cold with the Winter winds.


15 comments on “It’s When Things Get Done

  1. Good luck with thinning, replanting and giving away. I don’t like flowers that have bulbs that have to be either thinned out or dug up and stored over the winter.

  2. I need to do that too!! I know I don’t have near as many as you!!!! When you replant them is there a secret…I have transplanted some irises and they grow and turn green every year but never bloom. What did I do wrong??? Any ideas???

    • Christy,
      I tried to email you. It didn’t go through. So just in case you stop back in, here’s is what I sent that didn’t go through…..LOL

      Thanks for visiting!!!

      It sounds like there is not enough nutrients in the soil to make them bloom. Maybe research what kind of fertilizer would be best for them.
      Cut the tops back to about 2″ after they bloom. The nutrients go back into the tuber (bulb) instead of keeping the top green. I have found that they usually don’t bloom the first year after being transplanted. Unless the soil it nutrient rich. I gave my daughter some and they bloomed beautifully the first year. I was sooooo jealous. LOL

      Good luck!!

      Happy Saturday!

  3. I read your post earlier but could not comment.

    Wow…a lot of iris’s!!!

    They are beautiful.

    I never knew they doubled up as much as they do.

    You are an iris farmer!!

  4. Iris’ are some of my favorite flowers. They remind me of my Great-Grandma for some reason. She must have had a few beds that I just barely remember.
    Think of it as spreading the beauty around when you give away all those beautiful little bulbs!

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