Fresh Cut Cedar

Can you believe that I haven’t published a post for three days?

Me neither.

What is this world coming to?


My stress level is running way too high and there’s too many, way too many, things have been going on around here.

For instance….

(not that this is what’s causing the stress, it’s just something that’s needing to be completed)

Now that the tractor is fixed and the weather has cooled, we are working on opening up more pasture for the horses.

I’ll not go into why they have been unable to use this pasture, only to say that it’s about time they have access to it again.

We have been planting poles or setting poles, however you choose to say it.


When we first moved here, we didn’t have a tractor or an auger. All fencepost holes were dug by hand with a post hole digger. We put fence around the perimeter of the farm. Long, hot, hard work days were spent putting up fence.


It’s so nice to have this auger. The post hole digging goes so much faster and is much less back breaking.


Notice that you don’t have to dig far to get to the red clay that is so common in the South.

We also have been cutting cedars, that have fallen on the farm, to use for corner supports.


Love the smell of fresh cut cedar. But I could do without the noise the chainsaw makes.

This is one of the many things we are trying to get accomplished before winter weather sets in.


Because you have to beg, bribe, or drag to get me outside working in the winter.

I hate cold weather. It takes me forever to warm back up.

For now, most of the posts are standing tall waiting for barbed wire and horseshoe nails.


Then the horses will be happy to have new stuff to munch on.

And we will be moving on to the next project.

 So now you know why I haven’t been at the computer.

When you live on a farm, the work never stops.

I wouldn’t have it any other way!



13 comments on “Fresh Cut Cedar

  1. Well, you’ve got a very good reason for being absent, that’s fore sure. You guys are sure working hard! Makes me feel lazy. 🙂

  2. I will be just as glad when your horses will get into the new pasture. I watched the guys put up my board fence a few years back. It was a costly learning experience. It costs $200 for each 6 foot section — there are 12 sections — installed or $2400 per side. At the time I thought it was high but then I watched a crew of (I forget how many) working on it for several days. A truck load of new cedar boards and another truck load of treated 2x4s and air guns and post hole diggers. I had always used a hand post hole digger and cracked my knuckles and they used a two-man auger to dig the holes. I had never seen one in action but have seen them on tractors. ANyway, I learned the proper way to build a board fence and I would never have guessed it was done the way they did it and how it is all tied together.

    The new fence for the horses probably incorporates some new ways. The biggest deal I remember growing up was a metal sleeve with a u handle on either side that slipped on a metal fence post and you raised it and pulled it down, ker-bang, on the fence post, slowly driving it into the ground. Then came the tractor with a loaded on the front and they used that to push the posts into the ground. Now augers. Amazing progress.

  3. Gotta keep those critters in! Love that last shot. Really good angle.
    It’s been a lot of years since I dug any fencepost holes but I still remember what a lot of hard work it is, auger or not. Makes a girl tired!

  4. I know today you’re inside since it’s been raining. I couldn’t imagine putting up a fence with only post hole diggers. That would be exhausting. Glad y’all don’t have to do that anymore. I love the smell of cedar too!

  5. Sounds like a lot of hard work. Yes, work on a farm is never done, just like housewives work is never done. Glad you’ve been having decent weather to work out there. I would imagine you have to fence in the horses from that one crazy neighbor.

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