Giant Trap

Last Tuesday it rained. And rained. And rained.

Almost 2″ of rain in less than 24 hours.


I know, that’s not a lot compared to what other people have been getting.

But I have outside work to get to. And I can’t get to it in the rain.

See this little bucket. It’s has been full of water for weeks.


I know you want to know what I have planted in there. Nothing.

Nothing, okay!

OKAY, DIRT. That’s what I planted in there.

And it’s doing fine. Thank you for asking.

And I’m showing you this picture for a couple of reasons.


See that brush pile in the center of the picture?

It’s no longer there because that’s the bon fire we burnt on Halloween night.

And the other reason I’m showing you this picture….

Look at the distance between the little white box on the left and the corner of the camper on the right.

This is a pathway to what I call “The Tractor Shed and “The Feed Shed”.

There was a spider web stretched between the camper and the white box.

With spider included, right in the center of the web.

See….here he is.


I’m telling you the spiders around here have high hopes for catching big game.


I walk through this area everyday on my way to feed the horses or something.

That is some giant trap.

I think he’s been talking to that other spider.


11 comments on “Giant Trap

  1. How did they do it (stretch that far)? Amazing!

    A giant trap, ha ha ha!

    I put out general questions on my blog this morning, not necessairly reflecting how I feel right now…but perhaps leading up to something else. I hope you hop on over and answer openly!

    Talk with you later, Becky

    By the way…the chicken and dumplins’ sounded great!

  2. Nah…it’s not the other spider he’s conspiring with. It’s the cow. The spider is going to trap you in the web and leave you there for the cow! I’m sure of it!

  3. Wow, what a web! I wonder how they do that too. I’m sure that you are still on the outlook for those webs. I hate walking into them….and to think that there is a spider in them is even worse….ooh… me the creepy crawlies just thinking about it.

  4. I hate spiders, too! I killed another huge hairy one in the house yesterday. I have webs in between my blackberry rows and I walk into them sometimes, because I’m not looking where I’m going — ewww — they usually have spiders on them, too.

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