One Last Halloween Post

Yes, I know it’s over, but I have one last thing to say.

We were tee pee’d for the first time here on the farm.

Where I come from the ones who get this snow white embellishment, are the person you dislike the most, a former friend, a school teacher……or maybe in retaliation for a previous tee pee-ing episode.

Where my Captain comes from the most popular, most liked people get tee pee’d. Or, in retaliation to a previous tee pee-ing episode. For the whole month of October it’s an ongoing toilet tissue battle.

Some of you said before, that this pumpkin looked worried.


You now know why.

That picture was taken after we tore our way through our toilet tissue obstacle course that zigzagged its way across our porch.

The Captain’s truck didn’t escape the tee pee incident either.


Look closely and you can see the fluffy white stuff on my stair handrails, in the reflection on the truck.


Nor did the golf-cart escape the white ribbon episode.


I’m sure the scoundrel(s) giggled and snickered their way through the unrolling of the white stuff but……

the toilet tissue culprit made a grave mistake.

No, it’s not a fingerprint or an image caught on security tape.

They left handwriting samples……


I’m pretty sure I can name the culprit.


Because they find it hard to conceal their secret.

And as soon as my handwriting analyst confirms my suspicion……

I will know whether I am the one most disliked.


 I will know that I AM LOVED.

But either way, I can promise you this……..

I WILL retaliate.

And revenge will be sweet.

So tell me……

Have you ever recieved the honor of waking up to the fluffy white wrapped and draped all over your yard or porch (or golf-cart)?

Or have you creeped in the darkness to a friend or neighbor’s house and “decorated” it Halloween?

 Ever got caught tee pee-ing?

C’mon you can tell us!



23 comments on “One Last Halloween Post

  1. Gosh! Halloween is gone already but people continue to post about this holiday! lol! well, my friend was right at Saturday when said that people wrote about preparations for Halloween and now they would write about how they spent this holiday. lol!

  2. Becky: Not something I ever did but I did catch some of my daughters freinds doing it to our house for her graduation. I told them to go ahead and finish their deed, so they did.

  3. So funny! I am positive it is because you are loved.
    The Spinster told me that she was gonna come down and TP my house, but when it got late enough that she thought she could do it without getting caught, she was too tired! Ha ha! I told her it sucks to get old!

  4. It was always out of love in my world. I’ve done it and I’ve had it done to my house. One morning I went into my 17 year old sons room and asked if he knew of any girls who had a sleep over the night before… He knew exactly why I asked and got up to help clean up. That time they even went into the back yard. We were covered.

  5. Several years ago when we arrived home from a short vacation we found our house had been tee-peed. We unloaded the car and went outside to clean up. Then we returned inside to empty our luggage, get laundry in the washer etc. My husband was going to go get take-out for dinner and when he backed out of the garage – the perpetrator had struck once again! While we were in the house unpacking! We figured out who it was (our daughter’s boyfriend & his friends). Sort of a “welcome, home” gesture I guess. She eventually got her revenge. : )

  6. I am so cheap that I took all the stuff that was clean and dry and saved it in nicely folded piles. It saved us money. The culprits tossed Charmin, and i saw no reason to waste it.
    LOL! Really I did. It is for your butt you know…

  7. LOL!!!

    Becky, you will love this one. Doh..dee…doh me. I was looking at the handwriting, thinking, if they had wrote on my fence like that! Then I realized they were handwritten notes!!!!! Tee hee!!!! Perfect!!!!

    The TP in one of the photos looks like a chain.

    Great fun!

  8. Wow that handwriting looks familiar. Gee I just can’t figure it out though. If you ever figure it out you will just have to tell us……… Oh maybe it was some cows because the one sign looks like it is signed Moooo…….

  9. I saw some TPing last week. I have a HUGE issue about trash, so it bugs me. I never did it as a kid, and we never got it, either. My parents always told me that if I did it, I would have to go help clean it up. I had no interest in that, so I didn’t do it. But I don’t think that is a bad idea!

  10. Your post made me realize I need to PEE!

    I’ll be right back……….

    Ok, whew!…… much better.

    yep friends did it as a joke in high school. My parent’s didn’t see the humor…….hmmmmmm not sure why…..

    Was a mess to clean up, but fun….. I’m sure you were getting the love…… least there were no eggs involved.

  11. Where I live-it’s done to folks you don’t like. I remember you writing about the tradition last year-and how in some places its done to folks who love you. I’m betting it was done by someone who loves you guys.

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