Come Sit By The Fire

Halloween has always been, well, for as long as I can remember, been a holiday for children.


Okay, teens, too.


But then there’s the haunted houses, guess those are for adults.


During my days with the band, we dressed up while playing for a ghoulish croud in the bars.

That was fun.

But now, we tend to stay home.


Far away from all those scary things……..COWS.

You know what I mean.

We hang out under the full moon.


And stay warm by a bon fire.


Good food and good friends.

Sounds good to me!

So what are you planning for this Saturday night?

Halloween night.

Wanna come sit by the fire with the Fencepost crew?


18 comments on “Come Sit By The Fire

  1. That sounds like fun. I love the pictures.
    We are going to be trick or treating and going to a festival on Friday night. We don’t have any plans for Saturday except watching the Florida vs. Georgia game.

  2. We’ll probably stay home and treat the kids. My kids (who are too old to trick or treat now) love dressing up and sitting on the porch and giving out the candy. Sometimes we’ll have a smoke machine and strobe light outside. We’ve had parents tell us that the kids love coming to our house.

  3. Throwing the girls in the back of the truck, dad drives, I sit in the back with the kids, they trick or treat, then come home, we all sit on the front porch and watch the kids eat as much candy as they can…..! It’s supposed to rain……..sigh

  4. Great Halloween pictures, Becky!
    We are going to take the girls trick or treating, then Brian and I are off to our annual Halloween costume party. We’re going as Sonny & Cher this year…

  5. Well two daughters plan on taking out their 10 and 9 year old kids trick or treating and another daughter and her partner also plan on walking along. Oldest daughter wants to be here to take photos, but not sure she’ll be able to make it since she’s still in the hospital with a blood clot in her leg and one in each lung. She thinks she’ll be out and able to travel to Ky for some big Halloween bash on Friday night, I explained how she’ll have to prop that leg up a lot, so standing and sitting in the car will probably be a no no. Plus oldest daughters husband wanted to dress up and walk along with the two that will be Trick or Treating.

    They are forecasting rain for Sat. so they may end up just raveling by car to the Rest Home here in town, they line the old people up in the hallway with their little baskets of candy and kids walk down the hall and they pass it out. Our daughters have gone there before, they said it’s actually pretty sad and depressing, because a lot of them need helpers to help them do the task. I plan on handing out treats, Tootsie roll pops, if it’s not too cold or damp. That chills me so bad, it takes several days to warm up. I usually DON’T hand out treats anymore. When we first moved here, we would get about 50, then each year it seemed to increase. Cars and trucks would drop kids off from other towns. Thank goodness the towns all around started having Trick or Treat night the same time. Most we ever had one year was around 275. Then our neighborhood started turning into seniors, and no small children, so I was sometimes the only one with my light on. After a couple of years of kids looking down our block and deciding it wasn’t worth coming down for one person, plus I was then working full time 2-10, and no one wanted to hand out treats here at the house, I just quit buying stuff. Will try it again this year and see what happens. At least we all like Tootsie roll pops. LOL

  6. Becky: Saturday afternoon will be trick or treating for the youngsters. We will get supper and probably head for downtown Kent. I like to see the great costumes by the college kids. They are pretty inventive at that age. The bars are packed that night and there is a lot of visibility by the police.

  7. YES! I wanna come sit by your fire with the twisted crew!
    Actually, my sweet husband is only home on weekends right now, so he will be pulling in sometime Friday night and Saturday we have to take a drive to run a few errands in the city, so we are going to take the long side of the river for some pretty fall colors, then come back home to greet our neighborhood trick or treaters. Probably will pop in a Halloweenie movie, I’m thinking “The Watcher in the Woods”.

  8. No plans. We don’t have little kids anymore to go trick or treating. We live on a hill in a rural area and never have any kids coming for treats….we don’t even buy any since I’d be the one eating it.

  9. we’re heading to church for trunk or treat and chili. the kids aren’t little, but they like to help hand out (and EAT) the candy . . . we live far enough out that no one comes to trick-or-treat us, anyway.

    and you bet i’d like to come hang out!


  10. trick or treating with the kids. If its early enough when we get them all dressed up, we may go down town for the Boohaha! Idk yet!

    Are ya’ll seriously gonna have a bond fire?

  11. Right now I would sit by ANY fire. It’s so cold here today, and it snowed. And it’s only October. I love how you love Halloween. (We’re just dressing up, handing out candy,and taking the kids to get more candy.)

  12. Waiting and watching for hopefully some trick or treaters to come by. Otherwise just hanging out @ the house. Bonfire sounds like it will be nice and warm and toasty on a cold night. Hope you have a good time with friends. Happy Halloween!!!

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