Saucy Sunday – The Notebook

I have a book beside my computer.

It’s a notebook. Or a stenographer’s book to be exact.


It belonged to my Dad.

He kept it handy to jot down phone numbers, appointment dates…….

and lists.

I keep it beside my computer to copy down tried and true recipes my cyber friends post on thier blogs.

It’s the only thing I write in this book.

One day I found a rather interesting dish I’d like to try.

I opened the book to what I thought would be the next clean page and this is what I found.


One of Dad’s lists.

In a book I thought was empty.

This is not just any list, it’s a special list.

His prayer list.

Even though he was dying of cancer, he was still praying for those on his list.

It brought a mix of emotions from my heart.

My Dad was a giving person. Always caring for others more than himself.

Never changing until the day he died.

Maybe that was his recipe for life.

A relationship with God and concern for others.

It is how he lived his life.

Maybe that is why I chose this book to write my recipes in.

God and Dad’s way of continuing to teach me from beyond the clouds with Dad’s recipe for life.

Who’s to say that a recipe book has to include only things you cook?

It could include food for the soul as well.

I know mine does…


17 comments on “Saucy Sunday – The Notebook

  1. That is totally awesome Becky, what a wonderful surprise to see something from your dad. Very Special!! I agree with the recipe for life too!! Happy Sunday 🙂

  2. Make sure you hang onto that notebook. Then one day before it’s too faded and worn, frame that sheet of paper and hang on a wall where you can see it every day. Happy Sunday and thanks for stopping by my place.

  3. What a touching post. And a wonderful tribute to your father. What a wonderful conclusion you drew from your find.

    I love running across things in my mother’s handwriting, and I do occasionally. Next time I do, I need to look for the lesson in it.

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