Twisted Fencepost Farm Photo XXVI

Everytime it rains……


These pop up everywhere.

I call them ant hill land mines.

Have I told you how much I hate red ants?


20 comments on “Twisted Fencepost Farm Photo XXVI

  1. They are called fire ants here….we just had our first invasion at our place year before last with only one hill after a rain….I took photos, a piece of the nest and a jar full of the ant (dead after dh sprayed them) to the county extention office. Our agent confirmed our fire ant invasion…These were in our immediate yard…we haven’t be able to survey all our 28 acres..We hoped they were just in our yard since we had brought in a lot of trees, shrubs etc. I understand that balled and burlaped plants are their favorite vehicle….So far this year we have distroyed one nest…probably didn’t kill the queen with top spraying last year…He said it was to kill the queen with just top of the ground spraying..
    Digging into the mound after the queen is the trick to getting rid of them…top spraying will not distroy them. Our agent told us one queen with a few workers will just move by way of underground tunnels sometimes a few yards or a mile or more until they surface again after a rain, exposing the huge mound almost over night….very disturbing with toddler grandchildren here….since they sting and you never know when one could be allergic….
    Talk about a Halloween nightmare….

  2. I hate them more than anything!!! Fire ants drive me insane. We are trying something new to get rid of them. A lot cheaper than spending $170 for the exterminator that didn’t do any good!

  3. ‘Ant hill land mines’ – perfect analogy!

    Glad you liked my fall foliage shots. It’s been pretty this week but rain the past couple of days has meant lots of bare branches.

  4. Hey there girlio!

    I agree they are awful! I have the hardest time getting rid of them! They are terrible this year!

    I have black and red….. if I leave anything out they come up in butt loads……AND somehow they leave dirt piles on my floor IN THE HOUSE……. seriously? what the hay ho……where does that come from?

    Hope your weekend is good!

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