Team Fencepost Request-2nd Annual Halloween Story

Hey Teammates!

Are you ready for our second annual reader contributed Halloween story?


Last year, I started a story. And I invited all my teammates to help me write it. Just for fun.

And then I ended the story. Here’s a link last year’s finished Halloween story.

It was so much fun, we’re gonna do it again. Atleast I hope I wasn’t the only one who was having fun.

YOU did have fun, DIDN”T YOU?

For those of you who are new, here’s the information to get you started as posted last year…..

Remember when we were young…

We would sit in a circle. Someone would start a story and the next person would add to it. It would continue around until someone ended the story.

I have some very creative friends with imaginations as active as mine.

Here’s where the fun begins. I will start a story, then request each of you to add to the story by adding your contribution in the comments.

Add to the story and if you think of something else to add later, come back and add more, as many times as you like. Don’t worry if you can’t think of anything at first. Keep checking in and maybe something will come to you after someone else has added.

Keep the Halloween theme going and keep it clean, nice, spooky and not too gory. Anything inappropriate, will be deleted.

I’ll let it run through Thursday, October 22, 2009 at midnight.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Okay, here we go…

Under a full harvest moon, stood a lonely scarecrow…


C’mon, jump in there and let’s have some Halloween fun!


26 comments on “Team Fencepost Request-2nd Annual Halloween Story

  1. “If only I could get my aging weak straw back disconnected from this stake that holds me in this cold frosty, brown and dying old garden.! I am so flemsy and I’m losing my pieces and I only have a few hours of harvest moon left. You have to help me as I will be replaced by another “tattie-bogle” (Scotch for scarecrow) by this years end and I will be no more! It is my last chance to be free…so please go and…….

  2. Now, you can imagine that a kimono, silk pajama, clog wearing wizard living in an abandoned cabin by a pond would be very scary and puzzling to the local critters, scarecrows, tattie-bogles and general keepers of the harvest moon! It was very frightening to them when the harvest moon made its yellow glowing appearance. The wizard would come to the door, over the broken stoop he stepped and start to pace around and around the cabin with his head hung down and his hands clasped behind his back.. He stomped as he walked in his little clogs as if very disturbing thoughts were boggling his lonely mind. The kimono and silk pajamas were swishing and his little clogs in his rather small feet were clomping…Clomp, swish, clomp, swish,…and then back again, around and back, back and around he went, swish, clomp, swish, clomp, while casting huge, strange shadows as he clomped and swished around the corners of his cabin. Then just as suddenly as he started his stomping, clomping and swishing.. he stopped as though a thought had just entered his mind….but not to be.. the pacing started again..clomp, swish, clomp,…then abruptly he stopped! Into the garden he looked straight at the swinging figure, as the straw was falling and the flailing arms waved. The flapping black wings were flying here and there..and there and here crying caw, caw, caw as they flew. He could not believe what he was seeing. Clomp clomp, swish swish he ran, faster and faster so began the..stomp, clomp, swish and faster stomp stomp, clomp clomp, swish swish, and straight into the eyes of the screaming……

  3. I may be blind but I knew you were comin’
    with my radar eyes I heard clogs a drummin”!
    So, if you’re here to hurt my friend,
    With me you will have to attend!
    It was then the…..

  4. scarecrow, shaking and shivering of fright in the cornpatch, decided that if he was ever going to be brave and confront that mean old wizard, now was the time. He couldn’t let his best bat friend go this battle alone.

  5. So he got himself together and jumped off that pole and straight onto a cow that was walking through the field. Now this was one mean cow and it started bucking which was hard on the scarecrows stuffing. The wizard was really afraid of cows so he started clomping away really fast. Once the cow calmed down the scarecrow said……

  6. “Yippe-ai-oh, yipee-ai-ay,
    this ghostly ride has made my day.”
    “Why that old ‘gizzard’ is a cowardly wizard!”

    Then, a sudden feeling of sorrow came over the scarecrow as he watched the stomping, clomping, swishing wizard run for his life, stepping over the stoop and into the cabin in one leap!
    His voice was trailing back to the garden the sound was wailing! Oooooooooh………
    “Help, oh my, oh me can’t you see that I stomp and I clomp and I swish, but no matter how much I wish!
    I’ve thinked and I’ve thunked but I am totally stumped!
    Why can’t I be friends with the Halloween bunch!”

    About that time a……

  7. A wisp of a ghost caught her eye….it was rising up close by the old cabin behind the garden….She made a sharp turn nearly knocking off her straggley black cat that had gone along for the ride…He arched his back, sticking his long sharp nails into the broom holding on for dear life, (as he didn’t hear the witchs’ broom turn signal go off)…he growled a “miffed” meow out loud and then down she swooped her long black dress flying in the wind to see the other…..

  8. witches that were holding a special pumpkin brew out of the pumpkins that they had swiped from the porches of the little kids who had carved them… she liked to see them cry when they realized their pumpkins had been absconded in the middle of the night to be used…

  9. for the meanest trick. How sad it was for the children since it was such a special night for treating, with a Harvest moon an all, especially when there was such a plentiful amount of candies without playing mean tricks…or (in other words) biting the hand that feeds you. Children are smart like that…
    Now the stomping, clomping swishing wizard had quit his wailing. As he was composing his composure, he was peeking out the window. He was observing the goings on of the bad witch and witches. Also watching from a distance in the garden was the scarecrow, bat, crows and pumkin of whom the scarecrow had asked for help.
    The wizard had stopped his stomps and clomps and swishes and was having a ‘ light bulb’ moment! He realized with a little quiet he could really think!….Could he scare off the mean witches and make the children happy again…
    It was then he decided to Google the Singing Tattie Bogle…(he had forgotten her address)…She arrived just in time…”Only promise me not to sing when the crows are around.” the wizard asked…”Happy to do it,” she said.
    Only the tattie-bogle song could out screech the bad witches. Soon they were flying hether and yon!
    The children were happy. The Halloween bunch was dancing a jig around the cabin. Seeing as how the wizard wasn’t such a bad guy after all when he had company..and the Scarecrow had met an amazing tattie bogle….in a dainty little gown…I might add!
    They lived close to town, in a new green garden by the pond…
    Now I know of the singing tattie-bogle cause I Googled it and the web doesn’t lie…” Happy Halloween”….

    • The Singin’ Tattie Bogle—is a Scottish poem by an anonymous author about a scarecrow (tattie-bogle) using old Scots words……The verse here is the last one of the poem…..

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