Monday Report Week 25

No frosts here yet. And I say that in a very hushed voice.

Who knows when Mother Nature is listening.

The garden is still green, growing and producing. Although, things have slowed considerably due to the cooler nights.

I can’t even walk through the tomato rows. Not that I really want to, but you just never know when I’ll feel like tip toeing through the tomato plants.


And they are still producing tomatoes.


I’m still getting plenty of sweet banana peppers. And giving them away to anyone who stops in.


We have cucumbers. They’re little, but they’re there.


We’ve had plenty of rain lately, with more on the way.

During the summer, that would mean cucumbers galore. But the cooler temps slow the growing process.

Have I said that before?

Itty bitty green beans are showing up all over.


The sunflowers started off strong. Then slowed due to the cooler nights.

And then the deer found them.


Here’s proof.


Little feet print in the garden dirt.

Despite being munched on, the sunflowers are still determined to become what they were meant to be.


That’s it for this week.

There will be no Monday report next week.

Are you ready for some Halloween fun?

Don’t worry, I’ll catch you back up on how the garden is growing on the following Monday.


10 comments on “Monday Report Week 25

  1. We really had a hard frost yesterday morning. That is about the third one so far so most everything annual is gone or going. And the tree leaves are beginning to turn and some are falling. We got rid of the last tomato plant a couple of weeks ago. It was good while it lasted but you know how things go. Here today gone tomorrow. Your plants still look luscious.

  2. We dang sure ain’t seen much cooler anything around here!! 90’s!! Love seeing your weekly veggie report although I get green with envy everytime!!!

  3. Yep, looked lik a hoof print to me.

    Your garden is still so beautiful.

    I do not know if we have had frost yet. Some mornings it looks like frost on the slope, and in the lower lot, but I cannot tell if it is the light reflecting from the east on the morning dew or not.

    It was 32 degrees yesterday morning, pretty chilly. Should have had frost then. 🙂

    Take care,


  4. We turned our heat on last night. I didn’t want to, I always try to hold out til November, but the lows were in the 40’s last night, so we thought we’d better turn it on lest we wake up frozen to our beds!
    But it warmed up to around 55 today and the sun was shining, so it was a nice fall day.
    Your poor sunflowers! I hope they make it!

  5. My tomatoes are getting a second wind–except for the &*#M tomato worms! Lots of new growth on the tops. But not much will happen with the cooler nights, and we can have frost any time after October 9. We almost had it one night, but barely escaped. No prediction in the long-term forecast. Hoping for some Christmas salsa!

    I’d take some of your peppers!

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