Team Fencepost Request – Rabbit Assistance

Digital cameras are the “in” thing now.

And I cannot express how much I love my rabbit (camera).

Unfortunately, I am having a problem with my camera and need the help of anyone out there who are familiar with an SLR camera.

The pictures all had a spot in the same place, telling me that I needed to clean it.

And I did.

Since then, all the pictures taken indoors are underexposed.

I can use the nighttime setting, but the pictures are all grainy.

I have been checking the owners manual, and checking the settings for several months now.

And I cannot figure out what is wrong.

So if there is anyone who can help me, please contact me through the tab at the top of the page.

 Or leave me a comment and I’ll contact you.

Hopefully, it will be something simple.


9 comments on “Team Fencepost Request – Rabbit Assistance

  1. Sounds like you got the mirror stuck. I assume it has one. If not that then I would send it back to the manufacturer to get it repaired or find a local camera shop and take it in there. Something is stuck in the wrong position.

  2. Becky: I think I know the problem, not only do the cows not like you now you have problems with rabbits. The camera is probably mad because of the way you treat cows and this is the result. I suggest you go out and talk nice to some cows and see how the rabbit camera responds.

  3. Abraham Lincoln may be right. Your camera likely has a “mirror lock-up” option in the set-up menu. You should use it to stabilize the mirror. If you didn’t stabilize the mirror that could be the problem.

    I also wonder if it’s possible that you damaged the low-pass filter. Even the bristles of a blower-brush can damage it. I would never attempt to clean the low-pass filter myself since it is so very delicate.

    Regardless of the cause, I recommend you take the camera to a reliable camera shop and have them take a look. If you attempt to do more on your own you may create more problems. Your camera may not necessarily need real repair, but good servicing may restore all your functions.

  4. Sorry, I am of absolutely no help to you on this. I can’t even figure out how to get my camera to take a good picture, but I hope you figure it out soon!

  5. Becky I don’t have a clue. All I know is I reset all my settings to the default when something is out of whack. But mine is not an SLR so there you go. I like the fishing guys response though. Just might work.

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