Wheedle Word 7

Last week’s Wheedle Word was…..


A picture is worth a thousand words.

Whoever formed that phrase couldn’t have said it any better.

Just one picture can tell a whole story.

Or it can have different interpretations.

Just as my Wheedle Words.

Each of you have a different thought or image that comes to you when you read the word.

Thank all of you for playing along with me.

Now, for this week, I’m beginning a theme for the month.

Most of you know how I love Halloween.

So each week, during the month of October, the Wheedle Word will be something relating to Halloween.

Now, for this week’s Wheedle Word…..


For those of you wondering what a Wheedle is….click here.

16 comments on “Wheedle Word 7

  1. Becky: I have the perfect one for you on this word. The cows get awfully SPOOKY when you are around. I have decided it is all your fault for SPOOKING them into action. Nothing more SPOOKY then a moonless night in the woods, so dark.

  2. Halloween is suppose o be spooky. Clowns are just weird. LOL
    Stormy night can be spooky when the house starts creaking while the wind is blowing and tree branches keep brushing against the window.

  3. I scrolled all the way down and see Oklahoma Granny and I thought of the same thing. I started singing as soon as I saw the word.
    “If you decide someday to stop this little game that you are playin’,
    I’m gonna tell you all what my heart’s been a-dyin’ to be sayin’.
    Just like a ghost, you’ve been a-hauntin’ my dreams,
    So I’ll propose… on Halloween.
    Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you.

    Oh-whoa, all right,
    I said Spooky!”

  4. Ha ha! The first thing in my head was scare your pant off. Kind of sick and kinky I know but I can’t help my brain function. Actually ghost is the next thing.

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