A Few More Things

Just wanted to share a few more things about Autumn from the farm and around the neighborhood.

The last cutting of hay is drying, waiting to be baled and put away for the winter.


It’s cotton pickin’ time in the south.


My pompass grass has sent up it’s fuzzy shoots.


The sedum is changing colors. It’s so pretty in the Fall.


And then there’s this little guy.


This is the first one I’ve seen this year.

I’ve seen them in brown or black or brown and black.

Never in this color.

How am I supposed to predict our winter with this color? 


15 comments on “A Few More Things

  1. Great photos, Becky…..love the grass. Now, I don’t know about that wooly worm….maybe he is predicting an extra mild winter….you don’t have bad winters there anyway, do you?

  2. Becky: That is a Tussock Moth Caterpillar in the last photo and is poisonous to handle. It’s not a Woolly Bear so it doesn’t do weather. I love the look of your Fall area of the world.

  3. Wow…fishing guy really knows his caterpillars! I hope you haven’t tried to handle it. I didn’t even know that there were such things as poisonous caterpillars. He is kinda scary looking though.
    Fall is in full swing in my part of the world too. I love this time of year!

  4. That is not a “wooly worm” that predicts winter weather that you are showing in the picture…I have
    forgotten that catapillers name…I’m getting old..but think he will eventually be a moth..will have to look him up in my bug books….
    A “wooly bear” is fuzzy all over with the same length of fuzz. It does not have white and black hairy antenna-like standing up on the ends of the body. Some folks call it a “wooly bear” some a “wooly worm” catapiller and when you touch him, he will curl up like a little bear hibernating….fun…He can be all black…oooohh a sign of a bad winter……half black and half light auburn brown…..a sign of fair and bad winter weather….all brown…a sign of a mild winter….at least that’s what was passed down to me from my folks…If there is another fuzzy little catapiller that predicts weather, I would love to know….

  5. I used to think or remember being cold that this kind of wooley bear would sting you. So I never touched one.

    My grass and my sedum are the same shape and colors as you have shown. We are getting rid of some grass clumps. When I have enough energy I dig out or cut off at the roots.

  6. I miss seeing those cotton fields. There’s just something about them I’m drawn too. Love the grass – mine looks good too.
    Predicting the weather – you have to be AS good as the weather guys we have. LOL!

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