Monday Report Week 24

The garden is still going strong.

The tomatoes are still blooming and producing tomatoes.


As are the sweet banana peppers.


The cucumbers have blooms all over.


Little cucumbers are forming.


And the beans are at the top of their fence and blooming too.


The leaves of the cucumber and pumpkin plants look as if the cool nights may be a little too cool.

I don’t believe there will be enough time for the pumpkins and birdhouse gourds to produce and ripen before they get frost bitten.

But this is a first year trial run.

You can bet I’ll be better organized next spring, when the gardening season starts all over again. 

So, have any of you already started plans for your garden next spring?

Anything that you have told yourself to do or not to do next year?


10 comments on “Monday Report Week 24

  1. Hey Becky….your garden looks good….hope it beats the frost. I don’t know about next spring for our garden.
    This year was not good. I don’t really know if it was the weather (too much rain) or the soil. I do know our soil isn’t good…I’m thinking we need a good load of manure.

  2. Becky you garden is growing beautifully! I am so jealous!!! WE are suppose to “really” have a small one next year. Being it’s all my fault we can’t right now because of all MY deer friends I have, they would eat it. But, pop bought one of those large fenced dog kennels so we are going to put it in there. It’s appx 8 x10 maybe a lil larger. The sides are really high so the deer can’t jump in, we have a lil door to go through. I am looking forward to trying my gardening hands out!
    YOURs looks great girl!

  3. Yes, I have told myself to spread my tomato plants out more and add another box so I can grow even more stuff! I love it!
    All of your stuff looks great. I hope you beat the frost!

  4. The garden is done here. No thoughts yet on next years garden, except I will absolutely NOT allow my spouse to use the weed eater in the garden again. In my defense I didn’t know he had used it this year until it was too late….men….

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