Sweet Tear

Early last week, I was congratulating a fellow blogger and writer who recently had a story she wrote published.

I later found that I had won a copy of the book of short stories that her story was published in.

Saturday, I opened my mailbox and found a package. I immediately remembered what it was and a wave of excitement overcame me.

But just for a second or two. I had to regain composure so the friend I was with didn’t think I had completely lost it.


I have to admit that the first minute alone I had I skipped ahead and read Janet’s story first.

As I read the story about her Mother’s Santa hat it brought a sweet tear to my eye.

If you like heart warming, family tradition stories, you’ll love this book.

Thank you, Janet! I love this book!

Now, if you all will excuse me, there’s a few more stories waiting for me.


12 comments on “Sweet Tear

  1. I can’t believe you received it so soon in the mail. I guess our mail system isn’t so bad after all. I’m glad you liked my story and thanks for posting about it. I miss my mom very much and I’m glad I had a chance to write this story about her, my small tribute to a wonderful mother and grandmother. This Friday, October 2, is the anniversary of her passing in 1996. It is also my husband’s birthday. But I try to smile and think of the good times, because she provided us with many to remember her by.

  2. How nice to receive such a sweet book. Isn’t it amazing the joy that leaps from your heart when you receive a gift from a fellow blogger, whom you have never laid eyes on?

  3. Congratulations, Becky….glad you won it. I guess you know that Janet is my baby sister….I must say that I am proud of her. Our Mom was a special mom….I so wish she were her to see her great-great-grandbaby. I wish she were here all the time….I don’t think there is a day goes by without me thinking of her….now I’m all teary eyed.

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