Monday Report Week 23

I’m getting plenty of banana peppers. This time I picked 31 total. Seventeen from one plant. And there were plenty more still growing.

They are delicious on pizza.


The new cucumbers are starting to bloom.


And the green beans are climbing to the top of their fence.


And this part of the post is by special request for Karen at Fresh Fixin’s.

She wanted to see how my garden is set up.

From beginning to end, left to right.

The tomatoes are in the front. They will be planted on the opposite end next year so not to encourage pest reproduction.


Next is the cucumbers and peppers.


There’s a volunteer tomato and a cucumber plant mixed in there somewhere, too.

Here is the pumpkins, green beans and a few volunteer cucumber plants.


And on the right end of the garden is birdhouse gourds, cantelope (that’s not doing well), corn and sunflowers on the very end.


I’m not sure exactly how much of a harvest I will get from this fall garden, because it really should have been planted a couple weeks before.

We’ll see.

Notice that there ARE weeds in spots in my garden. And the grass around needs to be cut.

It’ll be taken care of when I have time, whenever that is.

And in the third garden picture, (with the pumpkin plants) there were a couple of trees that had been cut down where I decided to plant my garden. I just plowed and planted around them.

They are trying to come back with multiple little trees reaching for the sun.

After the garden is finished for the season, we will try to pull then up the with the tractor.

I am in no way a professional gardener and I learn new things every year.

This is the first year I have documented the garden, and kept track of the plantings in a garden journal.

I’ve tried before, but failed miserably at keeping up with it all season.

I hope my notes will help in my future gardening attempts.

And maybe you, too.

So that’s my garden report for this week.

Anything left growing in yours?


12 comments on “Monday Report Week 23

  1. I’m jealous of the size!

    My peppers are finally doing a little. I don’t think they like hot, dry weather, and I’m thinking of not planting them next year. The tomatoes are still loaded with fruit, but I doubt will produce any new because it’s too cold at night now.

    A big garden is one of the few reasons I would ever want to move back to the humid land from which I came.

  2. the only thing we have left are peppers. My son picked a couple dozen of hot ones last night and a few bell peppers. My husband has a long break coming up and we are going to try and clean up the garden. It is a mess! Oh, we also have potatoes still in the ground.

  3. Thanks Becky! Your garden is huge!! I think planting the beans on fencing is a great idea. We planted everything to close together for our space. Your plants look so healthy.

    It turned fall last night, first time the weather dropped to 60 in the evening. I live for this time of year. The AC is off the windows are wide open and the fans are blowing fresh air all through the house.

    I never got a fall garden in. I haven’t cleaned up the old one. We are completely infested with fire ants and piss ants and all kind of little tiny biting bugs. Everything out there bites.
    I am ready to throw the whole organic idea to the wind and get the men with the poisons in her to exterminate. I can’t even walk across the grass. We are in deep doo doo around here. I think our garden supported a mass reproduction of insects.

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