Wheedle 5

Last week’s Wheedle Word was….


So many things run through my mind when I think of the word “blue“.

And most of them are the things that came to your minds.

One of the first things that came to mind, living in South Carolina, is the Carolina Blue skies.

They are beautiful being just clear and blue or with big fluffy white clouds.

I just love my Carolina Blue skies!

Now for a new Wheedle word.

With Autumn upon us, and the gardens mostly spent, I am wondering what comes to mind with the word…..


Thanks to all my Teammates for playing along!

For those of you who are wondering what a Wheedle is……..click here.


20 comments on “Wheedle 5

  1. Blue…first thought of the blue hued weedy flowers that pop up everywhere in late summer and fall.

    Always amazes me how weeds and brush take on different colors through the season.

    By the way, this part of Ohio is not in frost season yet.

  2. Ooops,,new word!!! Harvest…first thought of the field corn that will soon be havested for feed. Love seeing the fields go from green to gold (beans) and brown (corn).

  3. I thought of harvest moon but then my mind quickly thought of Jesus’ Words….The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into the harvest…Matthew 9:37-38. I have heard many sermons on this subject.

  4. Time to Harvest!!! Went by several farms to day that were harvesting their fields. Others that were plowing to start a new crop of something. I like the wheedle word. Its neat when you get a bunch of differnt answers, its also neat to see how many people think alike.

  5. My first thought is the perfect October Harvest Moon. Big and orange filling up the sky on a fall night. And then grain, the smell of golden fresh cut grain filling the back of a huge farm truck and spilling onto the country road as it heads to the elevator for unloading.

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