It’s Official

Today it is officially Autumn or Fall as my calender says.

I thought I’d show you a few pictures from around the farm of Autumn in South Carolina.

These are my peach tree leaves, already turning.


Bradford Pear tree leaves.



Red bud seeds ready to fall.


It’s leaves surround the trunk.


My hickory tree is shedding fast.


The small acorns are falling, hoping that one day they may turn into a mighty oak.


The leaves of the oak tree with the big acorns are beginning to turn brown.


But they will hold onto their leaves until winter is almost over.

The hickory nuts are falling almost constantly.


The little critters on the farm should have plenty to eat this year. I haven’t seen this many acorns or hickory nuts in a few years.

The poke berries are mostly gone now.


They’ve provided food for the birds to give them strength for their journey south.

I will miss them. And be happy to see them return in the spring.

How is Autumn showing itself to you?


14 comments on “It’s Official

  1. Hey Becky, love your pictures. Fall is here, that’s for sure.
    When are you going to send my your address? Check out my site, you won the book! Give me your address and I’ll get it right out to you.

  2. Not a whole lot of signs quite yet. I do know that we have seen a ton of those fuzzy caterpillars, very large acorns and squirrels caring pinecones in there mouths…Signs of a cold winter?

  3. Do you gather many of the nuts for yourselves? The leaves here in NW Washington are beginning to turn but after an uncharacteristically hot summer, today on the first day of fall it is expected to get into the mid ’80’s. So weird, at least the nights are cool.

  4. So hard to think it’s Fall all ready. I don’t know where this summer had gone. Thanks for your visits.

    Still getting my computer set up like I had it before. Takes a while, since my favorites were lost. Believe me, I intend to back everything up at least once a week.

  5. It’s a beautiful day here. The sky is blue and filled with fluffy clouds.
    The scene outside my window is pretty much like yours. The walnut trees are half bare, the squirrels are ‘squirreling’ away the nuts, and my oak tree is shedding quite a lot.

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