Monday Report Week 22

So far, the garden is growing better than I imagined it would.

The tomatoes were looking as if they were ready to give up the ghost.

But they’ve had a growth spurt.


The bottom leaves that are dying show the end of it’s cycle. But the green upper leaves show they have begun new life.

As does this bloom, which is one of many.


The cucumbers are sending out runners.


And the green beans are climbing the fence.


The banana peppers are still blooming and producing peppers.


Pumpkin and sunflower are growing nicely too.



I have volunteer cucumber……


and a couple of tomatoes have came up.


Who knows how those seeds resprouted, but it has to be from this years garden. Because nothing has ever been planted anywhere near here before.

And these bugs still have full interest in my tomatoes.


I know that further north most of your gardens are harvested and maybe even plowed.

Ready to rest for the winter.

But this one is just getting started, all over again.

Wish me luck with my first, second, garden.

You can bet that next year’ second garden will be more thought out.

It’s already in the planning stages.



11 comments on “Monday Report Week 22

  1. WOW how gorgeous. Mine is still in all it’s late summer neglect and it’s a big mess. We didn’t get a second garden in and it’s a shame because it is plenty hot to grow one. I HATE those dang bugs. We have tons of them too, I don’t know what they are but I wish I had the guts to grab em and squish em.
    Love how neat everything is. We over planted, next year I will leave more spaces between the rows and is that straw between? Take a pan shot please so I can see how you laid things out. Purty please?

  2. I’m hiding my “green with envy” face. I’m going to be a big girl and congratulate you on your garden…Fingers crossed that my little seedlings will produce edible veggies…

  3. Those bugs look like the other kind of stink bugs. The rest of the plot looks good to me and I suspect you might get some tomatoes again unless we have an early frost.

    Thank you very much for visiting Pick a Peck of Pixels and for the comment you left me there. Now I want to invite you to stop and look at my Canon camera photographs. They are some of the best I can or have taken. My Canon Blog

  4. A second garden – and it looks wonderful!
    We have a few peppers we will pick this week and then clean everything away.
    I saw almost 50 robins in the field between me and my neighbor Sunday morning. I think they are leaving and letting me know winter is on it’s way.

  5. I like it when the bottom tomato leaves die so I can see to hoe! Mine don’t die so much here, and it’s a pain. But my plants are probably 8 feet tall. Healthy plants. Just not enough tomatoes!

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