Just a few random things from around the farm.

One of my pecan trees will have a bumper crop this year.


It is loaded.

This persimmon tree is also loaded. The limbs are sagging lower than ever with all the weight.


And I still have no idea what to do with them.

The funny thing is…..I know when they ripen, they fall to the ground. But I never find any lying on the ground. I think the deer are sneaking them while I sleep.

I need me one of those fancy cameras like Dar has, so I can get some pictures of them sneaking persimmons.

We have been doing a few home improvements around the farm lately.

And one of them is this old metal table that really should be pitched. But we just hate to part with it.


It’s extremely rusty. We sanded the best we could and painted it blue. You can tell how rusted it is by the pits in the surface.


We couldn’t sand too much though, cause this is what happens.


Yep, sanded holes in it. It really should go. But not just yet.

And then early one morning I noticed this bird on our fence.


Then I noticed  that one bird landed on either side of this one.

They were bullying him. Same type of bird. Whatever that is.

He was constantly looking back and forth cause they were coming at him from both sides.

The bully-bird hoodlums!

I moved and they flew off. But not him. He stayed.

Thankful to be left alone.

Sometimes I know just how he feels!


14 comments on “Bully-Bird

  1. I guess we can all relate to the bird now and then. I hope I can always be the friend that shoos the meanies away.

    P.S. thanks for your comments but now I’m afraid of killer bees. How do I know that’s not what I have?

  2. I’ve always heard that you don’t even want to bite into a persimmon until after a good frost… before that you might just pucker up real bad.

    When I worked in the oil patch the older fellows that
    I worked with said if you cut a persimmon from top to bottom you can find out what kind of winter is coming… If the inside looks spoonlike that means more snow than ice. If the seed looks more like a fork there will be more ice. I’ve never tried it but I don’t know where a persimmon tree is around here…


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