Monday Report Week 21

Remember that tomato hornworm I showed you awhile back?

I found another one. This one is only half the size of the previous one.


And this one seems to be carrying something on it’s back.

I was just wondering… this the insect world’s version of this…..


That picture was sent to me in an email. I have no idea of its origin.

Just when I thought the tomatoes were about tomatoed out, I am beginning to see new growth and more blooms.


The green beans are really growing like crazy. Seems they like this cooler air.


Autumn is beginning to show its colors here in the southeast.

I’m just hoping the frosts hold out a little while longer.


14 comments on “Monday Report Week 21

  1. Those white things on the tomato worm are parasites that eat the worm from the inside out. There is a wasp that lays the eggs (I can’t remember the name of it). So the worm is doomed.

    The momma possum and babies looks neat.

    Thanks for visiting my Pick a Peck of Pixels blog and for your comment about the stag beetle.

  2. EEEW!
    I hate those green guys.
    I got two tomatoes yesterday and that’s about it.
    Autumn is showing here in WV for sure. The walnut trees out my window are losing there yellow leaves. A good rain and they would be almost bare!

  3. EEEEEEW!! We had a tomato worm invasion last week. They ate the tops off of 5 plants overnight. I picked them off (the leaves–I couldn’t touch them–gross) and put them in the street. The mess they made was SOOOOO disgusting!

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