Boy Toys

Most of my life I have heard the phrase…..

“The difference between men and boys is the price/size of their toys.”

Have you heard that one?

I know…..stupid question!

Here’s proof to go with the phrase……

The Captain washing his toy……


And Boo washing his toy……


Notice that same blue tractor in the background?

Whoever came up with that phrase, knew what they were talking about.



13 comments on “Boy Toys

  1. The picture is perfect, Becky! lol Good catch with the camera. And it’s the truth.

    And now Grizzly wants flying lessons. The price of air travel just increased exponentially. I hope he’s able to fly to an island that is covered with money trees!

  2. Definitely! My Man always thought that was a goofy saying, but now in his “midlife” (although he would never think he has reached that time yet) he owns a very nice expensive road bike.

  3. Funny picture. The first time I saw my husband washing our new tractor I was all like, “what in the world are you washing a tractor for”? He thought his city girl wife was nuts!

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