Monday Report – Week 20

I hope that EVERYONE is enjoying some relaxation and time off with the current Labor Day holiday!

The tomato worms have given up their battle in the tomato patch.

But a new enemy has risen.

These bugs love my tomatoes. Red, green or in between.


And they have babies who love my tomatoes.


The sunflowers have finished blooming and have turned brown.


Usually, I cut off the heads, hang them up to dry and save them for the birds in winter.

This year, the birds have already begun to feast.


Maybe my newly planted sunflowers will have a chance to mature before the frosts come and they can be saved for the winter birds.

The garden has new children of the dirt. Who are growing nicely so far.

Well……with the exception of the squash. This just hasn’t been a good year for squash on this farm.

Here’s my pumpkin harvest….


They’re not big, but that’s fine. I use them for pies and such.

I only wish I could grow atleast one BIG one for Boo to carve for Halloween. Maybe next year.

This past week I canned tomatoes and pumpkin.


I still have a few pumpkins left to can, or maybe I’ll just make a pie, cookies or bread. Or all three. Who knows what I’ll have time for.

That’s it for this week’s garden report.

What’s happening in your garden?



13 comments on “Monday Report – Week 20

  1. OH Wow your matos and PUMPKINS are beautiful … what are those bugs they are all over here too! They fly too and that drives me crazy, they love the hibiscus too. I am really impressed with your garden Becky, you need to write a book about how to grow your garden!

  2. The garden this year consisted of tomatoes and flowers. The ripening of the tomatoes has slowed down due to the cool weather. We had wonderful tomatoes while they lasted. I am hoping for more! Your pumpkins are very nice…small or not. I miss canning…enjoyed your photos.

  3. We got the last of our big tomatoes, peppers, cabbage and one watermelon (sweet and so good) last week.
    I few cherry tomatoes are hanging on.
    Those pumpkins may be small but they look really good.

  4. I got my tomatoes from a farmer and will finish their canning this week. Don’t you just love the look of freshly canned fruit sitting on the counter. I almost hate to put it away.

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