Picture Ten

Tag is a game I played as a child. Outdoors in the fresh air under the warmth of the sun.

Today it has a whole new meaning.

Darlene has tagged me through the World Wide Web.

The rules are to go to your pictures, click on the first folder and then the tenth picture.

Post these rules and your picture and then tag others to play along.

Post the story behind the picture on your blog.

Okay, here’s folder one, picture ten……


In the springtime, I purchased seeds and began planning my garden.

I spread the seed packets out and got the bright idea to take a shot of them and use it for the header on the blog.

If you were visiting me then, you may remember it.

There you have it. Not much of a story, but significant it is.

And you know I’m a rule breaker so I won’t tag anyone specifically.

But, if you’d like to play along…..

please join in.

We’d love to see your picture and read your tale to go along.


6 comments on “Picture Ten

  1. Girl see I tagged you but I still didn’t know this about you.. I didn’t know your beautiful sunflowers came from actual sunflower seeds in a package nor all your other garden delights. I just thought you bought the plants and planted them..WOW, you are truly a great farmer for sure! A true blue farmer. YES, there is a story here and you told it to me 🙂

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