The Rumor

The other day, I was out watering my newly planted blueberry bushes, when Nanook called me over…..

“Hey Mom, can we talk?”


“Seriously….I’ve heard there’s a rumor floating around.”

“And I’d like to know if you’ve heard it.”


“They’re saying that the rest of the pack think I’m camera shy.”

“Why, that’s preposterous. Simply the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.”


“Shucks, I’m not shy, at all.”


“Actually, I think I’m quite photogenic.”


“Don’t you?”


15 comments on “The Rumor

  1. Awww! What a sweet face. Those eyes in the first shot make a girl melt. We do a lot of talking and translating for our animals here on our Little Farm. It’s amazing some of the things that they come up with! 😉 I’m a new visitor to your blog and love it. I look forward to reading more soon!

  2. She’s adorable. Looks very sophisticated. Probably thinks posing with the other dogs is beneath her. LOL She no doubt considers herself the queen of the pack.

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