Wheedle 6

Last week’s Wheedle Word was…..


When I think harvest, I think of a bounty of fruit and vegetables that are brought in from the garden, orchards and patches, then made into delicious food.

Sitting at a table full of fresh food, some cold, some steaming hot.

And I think of the cornicpoia or horn of plenty.

Which is our wish for each of our gardens each year.

And now for a new Wheedle Word…..

Given my love for photography, I chose the word…


So now tell, what comes to mind when you hear the word “picture”?

For those of you who are wondering what a Wheedle is……..click here.


Sweet Tear

Early last week, I was congratulating a fellow blogger and writer who recently had a story she wrote published.

I later found that I had won a copy of the book of short stories that her story was published in.

Saturday, I opened my mailbox and found a package. I immediately remembered what it was and a wave of excitement overcame me.

But just for a second or two. I had to regain composure so the friend I was with didn’t think I had completely lost it.


I have to admit that the first minute alone I had I skipped ahead and read Janet’s story first.

As I read the story about her Mother’s Santa hat it brought a sweet tear to my eye.

If you like heart warming, family tradition stories, you’ll love this book.

Thank you, Janet! I love this book!

Now, if you all will excuse me, there’s a few more stories waiting for me.

Monday Report Week 23

I’m getting plenty of banana peppers. This time I picked 31 total. Seventeen from one plant. And there were plenty more still growing.

They are delicious on pizza.


The new cucumbers are starting to bloom.


And the green beans are climbing to the top of their fence.


And this part of the post is by special request for Karen at Fresh Fixin’s.

She wanted to see how my garden is set up.

From beginning to end, left to right.

The tomatoes are in the front. They will be planted on the opposite end next year so not to encourage pest reproduction.


Next is the cucumbers and peppers.


There’s a volunteer tomato and a cucumber plant mixed in there somewhere, too.

Here is the pumpkins, green beans and a few volunteer cucumber plants.


And on the right end of the garden is birdhouse gourds, cantelope (that’s not doing well), corn and sunflowers on the very end.


I’m not sure exactly how much of a harvest I will get from this fall garden, because it really should have been planted a couple weeks before.

We’ll see.

Notice that there ARE weeds in spots in my garden. And the grass around needs to be cut.

It’ll be taken care of when I have time, whenever that is.

And in the third garden picture, (with the pumpkin plants) there were a couple of trees that had been cut down where I decided to plant my garden. I just plowed and planted around them.

They are trying to come back with multiple little trees reaching for the sun.

After the garden is finished for the season, we will try to pull then up the with the tractor.

I am in no way a professional gardener and I learn new things every year.

This is the first year I have documented the garden, and kept track of the plantings in a garden journal.

I’ve tried before, but failed miserably at keeping up with it all season.

I hope my notes will help in my future gardening attempts.

And maybe you, too.

So that’s my garden report for this week.

Anything left growing in yours?