Monday Report – Week 19

I have a garden every year.

Usually a small garden, because finding time to get a garden planted is not an easy task.


So my spring garden is the only one that gets planted.

Just last week I was told that friends of ours are planting their late garden.



Late garden?

You mean I can plant……… AGAIN?!

They have replanted corn, green beans, tomatoes…..

Said they do it every year.

I consulted the Farmer’s Almanac, and right now the time is right for planting above ground crops.

So guess what The Captain and I did last Monday?

That’s right, we pulled out the dying stalks and vines and started tilling.


By the way, I love my Troy-Bilt tiller, too!

And on Tuesday we replanted corn, green beans, pumpkins, cucumbers, sunflowers, birdhouse gourds and squash.

I had no idea that I could replant my garden all in the same growing season.

I usually replant cucumbers in July, but this year I hadn’t had the time. And figured it was too late.

I knew the season is longer here, but I didn’t realize just how long.

Never thought about it in a “I can replant the whole garden” kinda way.


In West Virginia, where I was raised, we had one planting season. And you had better get it in on time.

I am SO excited to have a second chance.


By Sunday, most everything had broken through the soil.



I am loving this!


And corn, too!


Wish me luck with my new children of the dirt!

Maybe I’ll actually get to can some green beans and freeze some corn. Oh yeah, and maybe make some pickles, too.

And you thought the Monday Garden Report would be ending soon.




11 comments on “Monday Report – Week 19

  1. No way is the Monday Garden Report going to stop! We planted a salad garden yesterday…my husband tilled up our pitiful garden over the weekend and will be replant this week…..I hope this garden does better than the last one!! Yours is off to a great start!

  2. I like your Troy Bilt tractor too. I often wish I would have bought one of those when I was making lots of money. But at the time there were many others a lot cheaper and I bought one of those. I never knew you could plant those things twice but it stands to reason as here in SW Ohio where we live we have some nice weather usually into November. But this year has been crazy and I don’t know what it will be like. This is the second month in a row that has been the coldest ever recorded — July and August — usually are two hottest.

  3. Children of the dirt!! How cute!!!
    That is awesome that you have a whole nother garden this year..and its really great to see that you two dove into this project together to get it done. Awesome!!!
    We just did some raised beds this year and my pumpkins really arent turning out so we may pull that out and do some spinach and stuff like that…
    Keep on will keep you young..

  4. “Children of the dirt” – that’s funny.
    I knew down there of friends who planted different veggies but not the same ones.
    Looks like things are popping up just fine!!

  5. Neat! I’ve never planted a fall garden either-but plan to this year. Since our first heavy frost will come before yours-I’ll have to stick with cool weather stuff like radishes, lettuce, and greens-but I’m still excited!!

  6. I’ve been thinking fall planting, but it will have to wait until after the wedding weekend the 19 of this month. Then I get to come home and play in the dirt… some more.


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