Saucy Sunday – Burnt Eggs

Last Saturday night, while playing cards with The Captain’s parents…

the subject came up of food and cooking.

I don’t remember now exactly what The Captain was referring to, but he stated that I didn’t cook it long enough. Burn it, was his words.

I stated that I never put enough cheese on anything either.

Fast forward to Monday morning, I was cooking an egg for an egg sandwich for myself. While I was preparing my sandwich, I asked The Captain if he would like one and would he like me to leave everything out for him.


Knowing that I don’t burn the egg enough to suit him, I let him make it himself. I just have a hard time cooking an egg TO DEATH.

And that’s when it dawned on me.

Here’s my thinking…..

While The Captain was growing up, his parents must have burned everything they cooked.

And then smothered it with cheese to mask the burnt taste.

Hence, not cooked enough, burnt, and not enough cheese.

That explains a lot.


And with three boys, I can understand how they could get sidetracked and drawn away from the kitchen and the food that was cooking.

The Captain’s parents read this blog, so I am expecting the defense in the comments.

(Love you, Mom and Dad!)



12 comments on “Saucy Sunday – Burnt Eggs

  1. I think eggs are best when either soft for dipping or hard for cutting with a fork and eating. I never eat and egg sandwich unless we are on the road and happen to stop at Mcdonalds.

    I don’t like Mcdonald’s scrambled eggs. Yuck. I don’t like eggs, really, if you have to pour them out of a pitcher.

    Yep, my dad told many a story about the rocks on the farm. It must have been something.

    Thank you very much for visiting Abraham Lincoln’s Blog and for the comment you left me there about the rocks on the farm. Abraham Lincoln’s Blog

  2. This sounds like something my spouse would say to me. When we first got married the only way he knew to eat a steak was fried to death in a skillet. Ewwwww. We wives have lots of re-training to do.

  3. Becky: I don’t like to burn the eggs but balogna or hot dogs is another thing completely. I like the taste of an overdone fried bolagna sandwich or a hot dog with some char on it.

  4. Well mine use to complain that my oatmeal WASN’T lumpy and my home made noodles weren’t HARD enough. Apparently his Mother made lumpy oatmeal and that’s the way he was use to eating it. Same with the noodles, she didn’t always cook them quite done. But thank goodness i myself prefer my noodles not quite done, a little chewy. What can I say, I was doing it the proper way, but he thought mine was the wrong way. He’s happy to get anything set in front of him anymore. LOL Even a fried egg sandwich with soup for lunch.

  5. You’re right on, Becky…..I’m with you. Speaking of eggs, I sent breakfast down to my dad this morning. I fixed him fried eggs (not too done), bacon, toast with butter and cream cheese, applesauce with bown sugar and cinnamon. Today at dinner, I asked him how he liked his breakfast….he said “It was alright”. I’ll tell you, I don’t know what it takes to get a compliment or even a thank you from that man. I really jumped him for it too. If one of my sisters or anyone else does something for him, he really braggs about it….but me….the one who does everything for him all the time…! I’ve been his care giver for over a year now, and things like that bother me….now wouldn’t that bother you too? Being a care giver can be very hard on you sometimes…..especially when you don’t feel appreciated.

  6. There’s no accounting for some people’s taste buds. While I am no cook, I cook the fried eggs around here if you want any yellow to sop up with the biscuits or toast. Carol is a great cook with eveything but eggs. I can cook a mean egg, cooking the white and just closing it’s eye and not cooking the yellow…

    Making me hungry thinking about it.


  7. I never thought about it but I bet you are right! I like any kind of meat well done, I mean burn it before you leave any pink in the middle of it. That is just how my mom cooked meat. My Grandmother used to make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but she would toast the bread. To this day I prefer my sandwich bread toasted.

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