A few years ago, we planted several oak trees here on the farm.

They are growing beautifully.

This is the first year acorns have appeared.


The mighty oak is one of my favorite trees.

For the last few years, I’ve noticed missing leaves on my oak trees.


The effects of these….


They seem to like my oak leaves, as opposed to any other tree on the farm.

And destroy atleast one branch full of leaves before I discover them.

I know, disgusting isn’t it.


13 comments on “Disgusting

  1. Yuck, very disgusting. Makes me wonder what a person does for something like that.

    A lot of our trees are suffering now from a drought we had two years ago. They say the affects will not show up for years.

  2. Yes, and can you imagine if they fall on you when walking under the tree. Ohhhhh my.

    Eye is feeling a lot better. I can’t get over how much clearer and brighter things are. I can hardly wait to get the other one done.

  3. Yes, they are disgusting. They weren’t as bad around here this year as usual. They are usually so bad that you can see them crawling eveywhere and they make their cacoons on everything too. I can remember when we used to burn their tents in the trees….yuck!

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