Breath Of Fresh Air

Last Friday, The Captain and I were given, at the last minute, tickets to a concert in the BIG CITY.

I’ve told you before that I only go to the big city if I have to.


if I’m given last minute concert tickets.

That definitely warrants the drive to the big city in my book.

We were given four tickets to an Alan Jackson/Josh Turner concert in Charlotte, NC.

The Captain was sent home early from work (his last day before starting his lay-off period of four weeks again). This regularly happens in his line of work.

So as soon as Boo arrived home from school, we made sure the chores were finished, found a friend for him to take, and headed for Charlotte.

We arrived in plenty of time for the concert, but not early enough for tail-gating. But that’s fine with me.


We were under the canopy, out of the sun, but not really close enough for good pictures. Below are the best of what I took.

This is Josh Turner singing his heart out.


This is a big screen where they advertise and show close up shots of the band and main attraction.


You can also send a text to the big screen. The texts run in ticker tape fashion across the screen. My plans were to text TWISTED FENCEPOST, and then get a picture of it on the big screen. But as you can tell, from the yellow blurry area at the bottom, that getting an actual picture of the the text was impossible.

Darn it!

Below are random pictures of the typical concert scene.

Dancing in the aisle.


This couple was sitting beside us. And as usual, my social butterfly, The Captain, made friends and chatted away with them, before the concert and during intermission.

The faithful cigarette lighter tribute.


And these people sitting in front of us.


The lady in the white, stood up the whole time. Starting from before the concert, until it was over. I was thankful when she moved over, out of my line of view. And the lady in the green tank, would NOT stop talking. Before, during and after the concert. Honestly, why did she pay to attend a concert that she was gonna talk her way through?

Sorry, the rudeness of some people I just do not understand.

Here is the countdown to Alan Jackson……


The crowd went wild.

Here is the best shot I could get of Alan Jackson to share with you. From the big screen….


Some of you followed me as I Twittered and Facebook updated our night via Blackberry. Which added more fun to my night.

I LOVE that phone!

Not knowing which lane to be in,

I told you we don’t go to the big city often and have never been to this amphitheater,

of course we got in the wrong lane for parking.

We had an extra VIP parking pass that we gave to mini-van of concert goers, for letting us cut across to the parking area.

They were surprised and greatful. Their smiles were thanks enough as they followed us into the VIP parking area.

One good turn deserves another!

We had an extra, why not give it away?!

We had a great time!

Sometimes those fly by the seat of your pants, last minute change of plan events,

can be a very welcome breath of fresh air.



16 comments on “Breath Of Fresh Air

  1. Oh wow, outdoors? Weren’t you burning up?
    Yeah, rude people make me want to punch them in the throat. That’s why I don’t go out much. I’d get arrested.

  2. I love the outdoor concerts, especially when we have seats in the covered section. The person I reallly hate is the one who keeps singing along with the artist…not just when the audience breaks out in song, but with EVERY SINGLE SONG. Guess you have to go to concerts prepared for that. At least at the outdoor ones a little bit of pot smoke might waft your way! Glad you had a good time.

  3. Now, that was an experience. Glad you enjoyed it…….
    even with the distractions. I have no idea who those singers are….the only concerts I attend are gospel ones associated with my church.

  4. Glad you had a wonderful time, sorry the one lady stood the whole time and the other talked too much. The one talking doesn’t know what she missed.

  5. I wanted to go too!! Why didnt you call??????
    Is Josh Turner the one with the real deep voice? Is he the one who sings “You should have seen it in color”? I love going to concerts..I havent been since Toby Keith a few years ago. No wait..I went to the Zoo (OKC) and saw Willie & Merle Haggard …

  6. YEAH BUDDY!!!! You had FUN!
    Well except for the rude people, who I say something too. I am not one to let that crap happen. Well did you really expect anything else from me?

  7. That is so awesome Becky and I think you pictures are great! I do know what you mean by rude concert goers…WHY pay all that money if you are going to run your mouth all night. Jackie and I went 2 weeks ago to Melissa Etheridge and the woman behind us not only talked but extremely loud and kept calling and talking on her phone. Jackie, spun around and gave her a good stern, we came to see a concert NOT listen to your loud talking…we never heard her again… (she beat me to it by a second…but she was nicer than I would have been) SOME people!

  8. Very awesome! I saw that on FB and I was a little jealous, lol! I’m glad y’all got a chance to go and for free! I haven’t been to a concert in about 3 years, but they sure are fun!

  9. It sounds like you had a really good time! I have not been to a concert in years but your post makes me want to go to one again. Hopefully if I ever do the talk too much green shirt lady won’t be there. 🙂

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