Monday Report Week 18

My tomatoes are ripening all at once.


But I have to pick them before they are completely ripe to keep the bugs and worms from eating holes and such in them.

I have thrown more tomatoes into the compost than I have been able to keep.

Which is maddening and saddening.

But I have had a slew of them to can, too.


So that curbs my temper somewhat. But just imagine what I could have preserved, if the garden critters had stayed away.

I was hoping to make salsa this year, since I haven’t for several years.


The plants I started myself from seed are doing far better than the store bought plants.

But they were roma tomatoes.

Which makes preparing the tomatoes for canning a longer process.

But I’m happy with what God has given me to preserve.

I have many more canning jars, just waiting to be filled.

I’ll say a prayer and keep my fingers crossed that I have many more tomatoes to be processed.

Have you canned any tomatoes this year?


11 comments on “Monday Report Week 18

  1. We have no luck with tomatoes either down here! BUT, I am always impressed by your garden. You are too cool for school. That is awesome and I would like to order 2 jars please :-))

  2. You have been busy. Those tomatoes look great. I have never ever canned anything, but my Mom did and my sister does. I think it is really great to be able to do those things…..home canned food is so much better than store bought.

  3. I have 16 tomato plants that produce for about 6 weeks. Hardly worth it. Never enough to can, but I do make a little bit of marinara to free. 2 batches so far.

    You can pick tomatoes at the FIRST hint of color. I always do because they ripen quickly then, and it lets the plants put energy into the other tomatoes. You can pick them green and they’ll still turn (why I usually have tomatoes at Thanksgiving and sometimes at Christmas), but it takes longer.

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