Monday Report Week 18

My tomatoes are ripening all at once.


But I have to pick them before they are completely ripe to keep the bugs and worms from eating holes and such in them.

I have thrown more tomatoes into the compost than I have been able to keep.

Which is maddening and saddening.

But I have had a slew of them to can, too.


So that curbs my temper somewhat. But just imagine what I could have preserved, if the garden critters had stayed away.

I was hoping to make salsa this year, since I haven’t for several years.


The plants I started myself from seed are doing far better than the store bought plants.

But they were roma tomatoes.

Which makes preparing the tomatoes for canning a longer process.

But I’m happy with what God has given me to preserve.

I have many more canning jars, just waiting to be filled.

I’ll say a prayer and keep my fingers crossed that I have many more tomatoes to be processed.

Have you canned any tomatoes this year?