Plenty Of Room

I love Saturday mornings.

I’m usually up before anyone else and I love to sit outside.

All by myself.

Cause I know when the others arise, plans will be in the works for something that will keep me busy the rest of the day.

So I enjoy my quiet time in the screen room The Captain and I set up by the pool.



I like to just sit and not think about anything in particular.

Just enjoy the things I see around me.

Like my horse Bo….



Usually, I take my camera with me. Just in case something interesting appears.

Or whatever catches my attention.

Like the yellow of the rose moss bloom…..



Looks like a storm may be brewing…..



I can hear them stirring inside the house. I know someone is looking for me.

Ahhhh, here’s The Captain. He’s found me.



And so has Stretch. He’s yearning to be on my side of the fence.



There’s a lantern waiting to light up the night.



Bo has moved on and Spirit has taken his place.



And this little bug stopped by to say hello….



All this I see from where I sit under the shade of the screen room.

So come on over, there’s plenty of room.

Grab a cold drink and put up your feet.

Come sit awhile and enjoy the view with me.