Three Days

Monday, The Captain returned to work. For one week. Then he’ll be laid off for another four. That is unless the economy makes a turn around within this week.

Not likely.

Wednesday, Boo returned to school.

Mixed feelings there.

Today, I sit pondering how this summer blew by so fast.

It seems just last week that Boo was singing the “School’s Out” song.

Where did summer go?

I didn’t accomplish anything I had planned to do this summer. I had spackling, sanding, painting, cleaning and a whole list of other things to do.

It’s still there waiting for me.

With The Captain being off this summer, my plans were put aside to assist him in the things that were on his to do list.

Things I can’t do and things that he needed my input and assistance with.

I’m not complaining. Because we did accomplish a series of major outdoor projects.

But now…

now that I’m alone….. here…… in this quiet house….

it’s got me thinking again about my to do list. And how long it has become.

Am I ready to tackle it and start getting things crossed off?


should I enjoy the three days I have….. here…. alone…… to myself.

I could read a book.

Take a hot steamy bubble bath.

Take a nap in my hammock swing.

Take a long walk with the rabbit (my camera).

Paint my toe nails.

I’m usually too busy taking care of everyone else to pamper myself.

Maybe I could do all those things in one day and then get started on that list.

Or I could just spread them out over these three days to myself.

I can’t make up my mind.

Guess I had better decide quick, cause one day has already passed.

What would you do?