Lake Wateree Photos

Here are a few miscellaneous pictures I took at Lake Wateree.

When we first arrived the mayflies were everywhere.



We found a locust shed.


And a dragonfly, that I couldn’t get close enough to get a close-up picture of without falling into the lake.


It amazes me how the trees keep growing even though the water has washed all the soil away from the roots.



Wonder what happened that caused this unusual knot in this tree?


This tree reminds me of a Sesame Street character.


There were tents…..


and tent villages all over.


That is until the Park Ranger went around and told them all that a storm was approaching. They abruptly packed up and went home.

I wonder how this broken tail light lens got up in that tree limb?


I’ll bet there was a short person looking all over for this.


And someone tell me……when did socks start growing from trees?


That concludes the Lake Wateree vacation pictures.

I hope you enjoyed the interesting things I found to share with you.


5 comments on “Lake Wateree Photos

  1. Great Pictures..some are hilarious… Yes, we too are having those daily storms. Now there’s Bill out there…just needs to keep on trucking on out here !

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