Singing Captain

Green acres is the place to be……


Farm livin’ is the life for me….




nothing will put a smile on your face any quicker than to hear The Captain singing the Green Acres theme song while sitting on the tractor. Which he usually does.

Unless, of course, he’s wearing his bibbed overhauls. That will make you laugh.

Here’s some random shots from the farm.

Some of you,


 one of you,

wanted to see my camper. So here it is, just in case anybody else wanted to see it, too.


It’s not too big, just 24′, with no slides. We could use a little more room. But for now, it’s big enough. It’s paid for and who needs more debt in this economy.

Look what happened to my mum, while I was on vacation.


I’m slowly nursing it back to health.

And I’ll leave you with a view from my kitchen window.



It’s purty this time of year, with all that hot pink from the crepe myrtle tree.

What’s outside your kitchen window?


12 comments on “Singing Captain

  1. I’ll bet it’s just wonderful to hear him singing!! Hope your mum bounces back…..and I don’t have a kitchen window…..Have glass doors that go out to the back upper deck….

  2. That’s one thing this house does not have, a kitchen window. The kitchen is between the living room and the family room. There is a sliding glass door in the family room, plus we now have a skylight in both the kitchen and family room. We can set at the kitchen table and see out the sliding door, well not everyone, some their backs are to the door.

    I’ve always thought I would love a kitchen with a window above the sink, but so far, all I’ve ever had is a blank wall.

  3. I love the view from your window!! And I wish I had a camper and a tractor…I really want a tractor…That would be music to my ears to hear one running on my property….
    Country life rocks doesnt it????

  4. Out my kitchen window is a row of Red Tipped Fotina’s that I have purposly allowed to grow tall in order to block out the neighbors behind us who raise coon dogs. It’s pretty bad back there, and when they see us, they howl, so if they don’t see us, they don’t make any noise.

  5. I loved Green Acres and know all the words to it. Outside my window is the carport but I can see my garden just beyond it. I have a window box with mint in it. Can you believe that it’s been so hot that even the mint died back? I may have to resort to a fake flower box, everything in it dies.
    Your hubby is cute.

  6. Well I messed up and left my Captain comment on the wrong post 🙂 so I figured I’d leave the wrong comment on this one too!

    Love the volunteer plants you found-and that is a big zucchinni!

  7. Very cool tin-can home!
    Out my kitchen window is Youngs Bay. So pretty, going to be hard to beat if we ever decide to move

    Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside…..

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