Monday Report Week 17

Remember that birdhouse gourd volunteer plant I wrote about  before?

I told you I thought I’d let it grow just to see what happens.

Well, birdhouse gourds are what’s happening.


I probably should have thinned out the plants a little.

But they seem to be doing fine, even though they’re a  little lot crowded.

Speaking of volunteer plants.

The Captain was out mowing the weeds in the pasture that the horses don’t seem to have a taste for….

when he found this.


It was growing several feet from my compost pile, inside the pasture fence.

No, my compost pile is not inside the pasture, but on my side of the fence.

He didn’t know what it was.

He waited until he could get my attention, then called me out to identify it.

Some little critter had relocated a zucchini seed for me.

This is how big the zucchini was when we found it.


Boo had to take it down to show Mamaw and Papaw.

Papaw told him it was not a zucchini.

It was an alien pod.

We had to carefully cut it open to be sure.

Because you never know what form they will take if they ever come to visit Earth.

Can you imagine the commotion it would have caused if something would have popped out of there when we cut into it.