Let Her Out

“Love you, Mom. Wanna play?”


As most of you know, my critters don’t really talk. But I have a lot of fun putting words in their mouth.

The above caption is what I imagine Stretch saying to me.

But what he’s really thinking is…..

“Mom, there’s a pretty little black doxie, in season, trapped in your bathroom.”



12 comments on “Let Her Out

  1. Becky: I love that ear position on Stretch.
    You don’t have to tell the others but I think you do talk to them. I feel you have the Dr. Doolittle trait. You can let me know!!!!!!

  2. Oh yes, they sure can give you some looks with those big eyes, can’t they! I love my doggies. I’m always talking to them…..don’t know what I’d do without them.

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