My Captain never ceases to amaze me. He can fix most anything.

And if he is not familiar with something enough to fix it….he finds someone who is. And then he drives them to the point of insanity with questions.

But one thing about it, when he’s finished questioning. He knows enough about the subject to begin a diagnosis and repair of whatever it is that’s broken.

And the someone who’s been drilled with questions flees to a quiet place with a cooler filled with a little something to calm their nerves.

Take for instance the filter pump for our pool. He didn’t need any help with this, but it’s a good example of Captain ingenuity.

The pump that came with the pool, one of the Sam’s Club metal pipe pools, did not seem strong enough to keep the water clean without it running 24/7. A friend gave us a pool filter pump that they no longer needed. And it worked beautifully.


Until one of the three hoses split and sent a stream of pool water 10 feet in the air. No problem, I called the manufacturer and ordered a new one and an extra, just in case. Because, you CANNOT find that size hose anywhere in the greater Charlotte area.

I tried.

That worked great until the hose split again, midway through summer. I replaced it with the extra I had ordered and it lasted the rest of summer.

When it became too cool for the pool, I drained it, cleaned it, dried it and packed it away for the winter, along with the pump and hoses.

This summer, I set up the pool again, filled it with water, made sure all the hoses were tight, turned on the pump and the angels sang. For a whole 3 minutes.

That’s when this unusual sized hose split, AGAIN. I called the manufacturer to order a new hose with an extra or THREE. That’s when I found out that this pump had been discontinued.

Imagine that!!!

No problem for My Captain. The wheels in his head started turning. And off he went to our local home improvement store.

With a little ingenuity, pvc pipe, pipe cement and elbow grease our pool is back in working order and crystal clear.

Instead of that unusual hose, it is hard piped now.


Now you know that we can’t do anything around here without a little humor.

When The Captain had everything ready, he called me out to help change the hoses, because the hoses on the original pump were smaller than the newly hard piped pump.

We had everything ready to replace the first hose on the pool, so we could just pull the smaller one off and push the other on with less water loss. This was my job, while The Captain stood by with screwdriver in hand to tighten down the clamps.

When I pulled the smaller one off and began to push the other on, I jumped back about 6 inches, startled by something sticking out of the hole in the pool that the hose attaches to.

“What in the #*@! is that?”

(wished I had pictues for you, but cameras and water are not friends)

Unbeknownst to me, The Captain was stopping the water from pouring out the of hole, by sticking his thumb in the hole and his hand over the opening. And the end of his thumb was sticking out the other side.

My side.

I was shocked that there was something sticking out the whole.

Mind you, I never noticed there was no water coming out of the hole.

The Captain was shocked, because knowing his thumb was there, had no idea what it was that had startled me.

About the time I figured out what it was, he realized what had startled me and stated, “It’s my thumb. What did you think it would be?” And snickered.

I giggled and snickered at myself and The Captain’s thumb the rest of the time we were changing hoses.

And the whole time I was writing this post.


Ever have one of those “stupid” moments?

I seem to be having them more frequently.

I think it’s something that happens as we age, just to keep ourselves entertained.