Monday Report Week 16

This year I planted a garden in a spot that hasn’t been planted before.

I did nothing to the soil, just to see how fertile it was.

In the spring we were inundated with almost daily rain, which threatened the root systems of all things I had planted.

By the time summer began, the rain had stopped. And even with regular watering, the lack of rain took a toll on everything.

Having well water, and not the city, filtered water, it comes from the ground, but in no way can replace the vitamin G that comes straight from the heavens.

Keeping it watered and keeping the weeds that grow, with or without rain, has definitely been a challenge.

Only the heartiest plants have survived and some have flourished.

Now, we are getting more rain, but the garden itself is winding down. Despite the longer growing season here, as apposed to those in  more northern locations.

The corn did nothing. Most of it is knee to waist high, with no corn to speak of. Not one ear will we harvest from this patch.

The pumpkins on the other hand are growing well.

So well, that they actually cross pollinated with the squash plants and took them over. Meaning that the squash plants are now growing pumpkins.

Funny how that works. Next year, I will plant squash and pumpkin on opposite ends of the garden.

Lesson learned.

Just to add a picture to this post……

Here is my first harvested pumpkin.

It’s about the size of the pumpkins you see at Walmartz that they call “pie pumpkins”.


That’s it for this weeks report.

Hope your garden is doing well.

Happy Monday!!