Hot Doggin’

When we first started camping at Lake Wateree, we didn’t have a boat.

After so many times, camping near a lake, watching everyone else having all that fun with a boat….the Captain was GONNA HAVE A BOAT.

For fishing, cruising and hot doggin’.

You ask what is hot doggin’?

Well, most people pull, with their boat,  a tube with wet, laughing, white knuckled kids aboard.

We tried that. It didn’t work too well.

The Captain found what is called a Double Dog. It’s easy to ride, easy to stay on, that is unless someone aboard the boat is messing with the rope. I’ll tell you about that ordeal another time.

This post is about The Captain and Boo “hot doggin'” on the Double Dog.

Here’s Boo……


Getting a little braver……


A little more braver…..


The boat in the background is the fishing boat that was caught in the storm I told you about last week.


Now check this out……


And this…..


Like Father, like son.

Now, here’s The Captain…..


My goofball husband……


Making his Mother laugh…..


Oh Yeah!


Oh No!


And there he goes……


Yep, right off the Double Dog.

We doubled back and picked him up.

Gotta love them both!


11 comments on “Hot Doggin’

  1. Looks like they enjoed themselves and entertained others as well. It does look like a lot of fun…..for others
    ……I refuse to even get on a boat…..terrified of water…..
    can’t swim. Now, my question is…..have you ever done that? Are we gonna see the photogpher in any photos?

  2. LOL looks like fun…..makes me sad that our summer is winding down. I don’t want summer to end….I don’t want summer to end….I don’t want summer to end….

    Have a great day…..stop by for a visit!!! 🙂

  3. Looks like they had a lot of fun. But you would never catch me doing that. We rented a pontoon boat one time down at Bluestone Lake, that was fun, but we all stayed on the boat. It’s kind of like the saying “why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good airplain?” I say “why would anyone get out of a perfectly good boat?” I guess you can tell, I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to water.

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