Lake Wateree Squirrels

As most of you know, since starting this blog, I have come to enjoy photography.

Especially nature photography.

I can in no way compete with some of the other nature photography blogs.

The Fishing Guy takes great pictures, as does Ken, Tim and Stacey. Among many other picture taking enthusiasts out there.

Some of them have much more nature, as in critters and scenery, that surround them.

And some of them have better equipment.


I am not discouraged. I take shots of what is available to me. I mean I take a lot of shots, striving for the perfect one.

And I share them with you. My friends.

At Lake Wateree last week I had the most fun taking pictures of squirrels. Here are a few of those. The best ones of the many I took.


I love it when they run around the tree and stick their head out to peek at me.


Some of them were shy.


And some of them were not.


And some would take peanuts out of your hand.


This was a very young, very curious squirrel.


Going round and round a tree chasing a squirrel…..

I don’t know who has more fun….

me or the squirrel.


11 comments on “Lake Wateree Squirrels

  1. You take great nature photos. I love watching the squirrels too. We have a lot around here that get into the bird feeders. I think they are so cute. They won’t let me get close enough to get a good shot so I take them from my porch, which is screened in, so they aren’t really that clear. I may post some. I’m glad you enjoy nature….I think that enjoying nature is what God meant for us to do….it can make one feel closer to God because He is the creator of nature. Keep it up, Becky, you are good.

  2. Hi Becky, Thank you so much for mentioning me. I have had trouble posting lately. Am going through a bit of a hard time, so don’t have my equipment with me.
    Love the squirrels!

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