Monday Report – Week 15

It should be week 16, but I didn’t post a garden report last week. Missed it, didn’t ya? tee hee

I finally gave in and went to assess the damage to the garden while I was gone.

But first, I want to tell you that I had decided that when I get to heaven, one of the first questions I had for God is…..

What in the world is the purpose of a wasp? Cause you know everything has a purpose, right?

Well, I don’t need to ask that question anymore. While I was out there assessing the garden, I spotted a wasp on one of  my tomato plants.

He stung one of those nasty tomato worms causing it to fall to the ground. Then proceeded to eat it. I won’t gross you out with pictures.

Your welcome!

But from now on, as long as wasps kill those things that like to eat my tomatoes, they are okay with me.

So on with the post vacation garden report.

There were tomatoes ripe everywhere.


Yes, even in the pumpkin patch. Because the pumpkin patch has taken over half the garden.

More about that later.

Green beans needing picking.


The sweet banana peppers seem to be making a comeback.


Pumpkins here, there and yonder.


And droopy sunflowers.


Speaking of sunflowers…..

Have you ever seen a three headed sunflower?

Me, neither. Until now.


And I didn’t notice it until it started drooping.

Oh, and the weeds……they are growing like nobody’s business.

So there’s my updated garden report.

Not as bad as I thought it would be.

But I really miss my sunflowers.