Lake Wateree Storms

I know that on Friday I usually post a farm photo. But this week I am skipping farm photos to bring you Lake Wateree, SC.

For our first boat ride, we had to find a place that sold bulbs for the boat. We couldn’t get the light that sticks out on top of the boat to work. Well, it worked intermittant at best.

This is not good if you are out on the lake at night.

The campground tackle shop didn’t have any.

Neither did the nearest marine/convience store.

But they told us about a marine shop about an hour away by boat, that might have the bulb we needed.

When we left, the sun was shining with big fluffly clouds in the sky.


Off we went, enjoying the scenery. When we arrived at our destination, we found they were closed on Tuesdays.

So we headed back.

The sky began to darken.


The wind began to blow.


The air became cooler.


The water began to get choppy.


And we were headed straight into a storm.


Luckily, as we came to the main channel of the lake, we made a right turn toward the campground and away from the storm.

We made it to the campground, docked the boat, tied it down tight and prepared for a storm.

We didn’t get a drop of rain. The storm did not make a turn to the left in the direction we were going.

And the next day, my Mother-in-law and I drove 16 miles to the Walmartz and bought the bulb we needed and a few extra just in case.

It’s amazing how fast a storm can come upon you on the water and how much more dramatic it looks from the water.

Our friends next door weren’t so lucky the next night.

They got caught in a storm that threatened to capsize their fishing boat, about a mile from the campground.

They made it to shore and rode out the storm along the banks of the lake.

Farm photos will resume next week.


9 comments on “Lake Wateree Storms

  1. Storms on the water are scary, and come out of nowhere sometimes. What a great mother in law to make the trek to wallyworld and buy not one but extra’s that is awesome. Glad ya’ll didn’t get the weather and sure the neighbors who did won’t forget it anytime soon.

  2. That storm looked pretty bad. I loved your pictures of the camping. My family used to do the same thing when I was growing up and I have great memories of the fishing and camping.

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