Deceitful Peach


I am back, just as promised.

I have been on vacation all week, camping by a lake.

It was nice.



 But I am glad to be home.

Getting away is nice, but nothing feels better than coming home.

I tried to keep up with your comments and blogs via Blackberry, but the cell signal strength, at the lake, left a lot to be desired.

The best place for a cell signal, by the lake, was on the lake. And when I was on the lake, the last thing on my mind was a cell phone.

The next best place was the bath house. Well…..I love you guys, but I was not gonna sit in the bath house all day.

Everywhere else was limited come and go cell signal.

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do and I’ve already begun reading, commenting and responding. If you haven’t heard from me yet, hang on, I’ll be there.

Oh, I guess I’ve got  some explaining to do. I didn’t realize how curious I would make you when I posted this picture……


and told you to remember that looks can be deceiving.

That picture represented two things.

One, that the peach in the picture is not as big as it looks. It’s only about the size of a golfball.

I was really looking forward to that peach. I had been waiting to pick it when it was at it’s peak of perfection. And would you believe that it fell from the tree and some little critter stole it?!

Darn varmit!!!

And second….

I had prepared and scheduled a post for almost everyday that I was gone on vacation. So the deceiving part was that it looked as if I was there, sitting at my computer everyday. When I was actually sitting by a lake with my feet propped up, enjoying the scenery.

So, as soon as I can sort through the over 800 pictures I took, I’ll share with you the lake that we visit atleast once per year.

Happy Tuesday!!


9 comments on “Deceitful Peach

  1. Welcome home. Glad you ahd a few days to relax and enjoy yourself. Sorry you missed out on the peach, hopefully there will be more. Time to once again mow, but the grass is still pretty damp. So guess I will run to pick up some things from the drug store and let it dry off a little more.

  2. A lake. With your feet up. Heaven!

    Good golly miss molly – 800 pictures?! You’re a wild woman. Completely out of control. LOL! Can’t wait to see whatchya got!

  3. Oh you deceitful little peach! It definitely looked bigger than a golf ball. Too bad you didn’t get to it before the critter did.

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