Faith Restored

Considering yesterday’s converstion with The Queen…

I decided I’d better do something about the hay situation before a mutiny errupted among the herd.


So I sent The Captain and Boo on a hay run.

While I kept the herd busy with a “Free Carrots For All” event.

It’s such a sight when the horses see the truck coming in with the big hay bale.

They get all excited and start running around.

“Yeah, they brought us hay!”


 And when the truck pulls in the pasture, they surround it. Sometimes actually eating it off the truck.

Kind of a lunch wagon for horses.

“Okay, get it off the truck now.”


“I knew they wouldn’t let us down! We’ve got hay!”


“Can’t talk now. WE’VE GOT HAY!!!”


“Ummm, do ya mind? Kinda busy here.”


I’m glad to report that the rumors of mutiny have been lulled.


The herd’s faith in mankind has been restored.

And there will not be an uprising here on the farm at Twisted Fencepost.

(Whew, that was close.)


14 comments on “Faith Restored

  1. You are too funny. Don’t you just love animals and how they show their pure happiness. We had some cows that used to just dance when the farmer would come walking across the grass from the feed shed with a bucket of grain. Hilarious!

  2. How cool is that they are all smiling at the hay truck. Your horses are just beautiful. Didn’t take them anytime to jump into eating it..LOL that is too cute. How long will that bail of hay last them?

  3. I love your horses. They are beautiful. I, too, am wondering how long one of those big bales will last them…

    Do you ride them or just enjoy having them to look at?

  4. Yay! Order is restored and the Queen is happy. I guess when the Queen is happy everyone is happy. Your horses are so healthy looking-they amaze me.

  5. Fabulous post. I like it when horses are happy and when dogs wag their tails and when cats purr.

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  6. I really enjoyed this post… might even convert me into a horse lover!! Or at least get me on the same side of the fence as them:)

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