Face Of Danger

Late one afternoon, this past weekend, The Captain was mowing grass, Boo was riding his ATV and I was studying up on my camera.

When The Captain busted in the house and called for me in a way that made my hair stand on end. First of all, The Captain does not get excited. But he has a certain tone to his voice that gets my attention.

I knew something was wrong when he said, “Come here, I don’t know what to do with this”.

First question to myself was…..Do with what?

Second question to myself was…..Do what with what?

Third…..Oh Lord, what has happened?

My protective motherly instincts were kicking in and my mind was filling with more questions with each step I took.

Then he says, “I can’t kill ’em”.




Okay, so now I knew he wasn’t talking about anyone that I’m related to. My heart rate slowed as I made my way outside to see what it was that he couldn’t kill.

Now the next question to myself was…..Is he expecting me to kill “them”?

I once had a friend, big burly muscle bound guy friend, that was afraid of spiders. He wouldn’t even go through a doorway that had a spider web. That is until his 100 lb. wife would get rid of it.

This was not my Captain. He would stand, sword in hand, between me and the enemy. And fight to the end.

 My Hero!


“Just what is them, that he can’t kill?”

So when I followed him outside this is what I found, lying in the grass……


Cute little baby mice. You don’t think they’re cute?



Their eyes aren’t even open. They made the cutest little squeaking noises.


He was mowing along, when he came upon them and the mother. She left them there. She just ran off and left them there.


He told me which direction she ran. So I found a safe spot in the same vicinity, away from the mower, cause you know The Captain can’t kill them. tee hee

And put them down, hoping the mother would come back for them.


Of course, I had to take pictures of them first.

And she did.

I know, that someday I’ll be cursing them for getting in my garden or chewing up something that they shouldn’t.

But, I am like The Captain, I can’t kill them either. And he knew that when he made my hair stand on end.

But, atleast I COME running in the face of danger,

instead of GO running,

like the mama mouse.

But really, what did I expect her to do, stand up and duke it out with the lawn mower?!



27 comments on “Face Of Danger

  1. YUCK!! I would not have been able to kill them either, but geez I can’t stand them. Our youngest girl would have them crawling all over her. She had a pet mouse that used to crawl all under her shirt. I wouldn’t even go in her room, she had to put the cage in the basement!

  2. Oh my, I felt the heart thump for ya. Esp. knowing your son was out there with him.

    Poor babies, The mower probably scared the mama…I am like the Captain I wouldn’t be able to kill them either. How sweet is that of him and to bring them in to you. Sweet! I hope the mama comes back…keep us updated :-))

  3. They are so cute! I’m glad the mama came back for them. I’m also glad that your captain didn’t just mow them over too!

  4. YUCK, GROSS, no way would I ever have touched them. I would have run just like the mama because I am a big CS!!!

  5. Well at least the story has a happy ending. Not sure just what mice eat, I know snakes will eat mice and cats will kill them, not sure they will eat them, probably if hungry enough. But since you were so kind to the babies, perhaps the mamma will teach them to stay away from your house, which I think they would with so many dogs around.

  6. Daddy used to bring in baby rabbits from the field when he’d run over a nest and maybe kill the mom. We fed them with eye droppers and even got some of them to live.

    That brings back memories.

  7. Yeah I’m like that. Crazy. One time I had a little brown field mouse in my stove it would pop up and look around and then run off. So of course I set a trap. Then I thought about it, because I had made the mistake of looking at it for awhile. It was a cute one and very young. Big brown eyes, it was just looking around taking in the kitchen sights. Dreaming of pillaging my grains. Finally I made that ultimate decision.

    I took the trap, and left the cheese. Later we pulled out the stove and plugged the hole to keep them out.

    I’m bad about killing. Unless it’s a cockroach or a black spider. Your big spider is very very cool.

  8. This is one of the best posts I’ve read in a while… I love that your Captain couldn’t kill ’em. I think it’s great that you took them back where their mama could come get them. I couldn’t have killed them either. I wait until they are stupid enough to think it would be nice to live in my home.

    Then I kill them. Don’t like mice in the house. P.E.R.I.O.D.


  9. Funny that this came up.

    My milk room, also where I store the current hay bales and feed, gets a weekly sweep out (before we fill it back up with hay for the week).

    Last week after I fed the last bale of hay, before restocking the room, I looked back and saw something bright pink moving amongst the hay scraps. At first I thought it was small pile of pink snakes. It barely moved. Seemed to be confused. I really did not want to know what it was.

    But then, curiousity got me. As I got closer I saw 3 tiny pink mice, the color of bubble gum. As you saw, newborns, blind. So tiny, like dolls. I knew that the mice destroyed my feed sacks, but there was no way I could kill tiny innocent ones. So I left them alone.

    Unfortunately my cats took care of them. That was sad.

    But they sure where a site to see. I never realized they were born in such a state, definitely needed their mother. And I wish she had arrived before the cats did.

    By the way, off topic…I am going to send an email to you, ask you what you think of Word Press. I am considering switching over from Blogger but I do not want to make a worse mess of an unhappy situation (with their blogging platform).

  10. Sweet that the Captain couldn’t kill them-but Yikes I hate mice/rats worse than anything. I’d rather have snakes.

    Once when the girls were little-they had been playing outside-and they brought a handful of baby mice into the house saying “oh momma aren’t they the cutest” -and I screamed 🙂

  11. Wonderful fun post. Nope I couldn’t have killed them either. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t set a trap for them if they came in my house though.

    I’m glad the mama came back.

  12. Aww… I would’ve done the same thing!

    Last week I found a kitten in front of our house, hit by a car… which was weird, b/c we never see any cats besides our own. Then a couple days later I hear a ‘meowing’ coming from a bush and there was another kitten out there. Of course it’s wild as can be. Mr. C was all ‘take it to the humane society!’ and acted like he didn’t want anything to do with it… then later I noticed that he had put food and water out for it. That made me smile.

  13. Awwwwwww….I could NEVER have killed them!! I am like you….curse them later…..but give them a fighting chance first to become what they were meant to be. I love the photos!!!!!

  14. Try having to feed those cute little things to snakes! They were too cute that I would be reduced to tears everytime.

  15. They are SO cute. I wouldn’t be able to kill them, either, though I have a mouse post brewing around in my head that involves killing them. I’ve always liked mice. I’ve rescued them from my cat (and gotten bitten in the process-not bright on my part), fed them, etc. They are cute..

  16. of course i will not kill them too. i just pick them n place them in the cage with my cute little snake. I will let my snake to take care of them 😀

    if there any extra mice, maybe i will let my arwana to teach them how to swim.

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