Monday Report – Week 13

How about that…..The thirteenth Monday report on Monday the thirteenth. And no, it wasn’t planned.

If I were a superstitious person, I might have to skip this week. But I’m not, so on with the show. tee hee

We had our first mess of green beans last week.


Well, I’ve been collecting for several weeks. At first, only a few of my green beans came up. A couple of weeks later I sprouted some green bean seeds and replanted them. So, most of my green beans are a couple of weeks behind the first few.

I’ve been collecting a handful every couple of days and putting them in a storage bag in the refrigerator until I had enough for a mess.


You DO know what a mess is don’t you? A mess is enough to cook for one meal. Just in case you didn’t know.

While I was stringing and snapping them, my mind wandered back in time.


Childhood memories of sitting in the livingroom with Mom and Dad, watching tv.

Each of us had a big bowl of green beans to string and snap.


It was one of my favorite garden chores.

That and shucking corn.

It’s some of the simpler things in life that bring about good memories.

12 comments on “Monday Report – Week 13

  1. that’s awesome eating out of your own garden I wanted one so bad this year. Maybe next year, pop keeps telling me he is going to till me one.

    I too remember growing up, snapping beans at the table with friends and family and doing the corn too. Corn was my favorite to shuck!

  2. Also how about cleaning peas and popping open the shell for the peas to drop into a large bowl for our Moms to can and/or freeze. Now adays most kids wouldn’t know what to do with fresh vegetables that have to be cleaned and cooked.

    I want to go to the Farmer’s Market later this week, it come to our small shopping center twice a week and get me some green beans and corn. When I fix something like that, of course I put some ham in the beans, that is our meal.

  3. Becky, you are so right about the memories…..I have them too and I miss those times and would love to bring them back……back to a time when we were young and enjoyed the simple life….the fun times. I had my first “mess” of green beans yesterday…..but….
    the didn’t come from my garden….we visited the market where fresh veggies abound.

  4. Can’t wait until I can have some crisp green beans again. Right now I’m supposed to cook them to death and I’d rather not have any. I do recall all of us shucking corn and stringing beans. Great memories.

  5. Ours have been replanted too. 😦
    Many times I heard my Mom ask my Dad if we had any beans in the garden and his reply – might be enough for a mess. 🙂

  6. Your garden sounds like it’s doing better than mine. Everything is dead in mine except the okra and corn. I can’t believe you like those chores! It does bring back memories, though.

  7. Oh yes, I remember stringing beans. And, as a matter of fact, that’s what I’ve been doing all evening. We just got back from vacation and first thing I did was go to the garden. Everything grew like crazy while we were away. We just canned another batch and I still have another row to pick tomorrow. Seems like work is never done.

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