Saucy Sunday – Fencepost’s Frosting Candy

Got a taste for chocolate and peanut butter?

This recipe is for when you want to make something sweet and are pinched for ingredients or time.

It doesn’t compare with a Reece Cup, but if ya got these ingredients on hand…’ll do.

I used to make this all the time, but had forgotten all about it till I ran across the recipe while searching for another.

It can’t get any simpler than this.

Two ingredients……


One cup peanut butter, one tub milk chocolate frosting, at room temperature.

That’s it.

Throw them in a bowl and mix until well blended.


Then spoon onto cookie sheet or spread in a 9″x9″ pan and chill or freeze.


Turn out onto cutting board and cut into bite size squares.




It will turn back into goo if left at room temperature.

This is very flexible.

If you like more peanut butter, by all means, add more.

Or other candies or fruits.

Experiment with it.

And let me know how it turns out!!!


13 comments on “Saucy Sunday – Fencepost’s Frosting Candy

  1. I do this except I use cream cheese icing. I also melt it slightly in the microwave before mixing it. This makes what I call peanutbutter fudge. I like to add m & ms to the top of the pieces. (I love to add a little chocolate to everything) I sell this at craft shows and everyone loves it. And it’s so easy.

  2. Well now for lazy butts like me, I would just get myself a small jar of peanut butter (just for me) and a container of the frosting (just for me) and when I had the urge would get the frosting from the frig, take a spoon full, then cram that spoon into the peanut butter and eat it direct from the spoon. LOL No time wasted and no dirty mixing bowl or pan, just one dirty spoon, which I could rinse under hot water and stick next to my own jar of peanut peanut for the next urge I had. How about that for being lazy? LOL Another lazy way of doing this, when hungry for candy and don’t have anything in the house, have your own peanut butter and a bag of chocolate chips (just your own bag), take a spoonful of peanut butter, cram that spoon into the bag of chips and what ever chips stick on the peanut butter, is yours, slowly lick or eat from the spoon. I say why make more work then necessary or dirty more dishes than needed. LOL

  3. That Patty is one of a kind… but in case of emergency I’ll remember her suggestions.

    Sorry to hear about your corn. I’m going to have to pour the water on since we are looking at 100+ temps for the next week, but our soil is pretty sandy towards the top and if I water deep I think it will be okay. I posted it yesterday and will try to do pics like every weekend.,

    If we were neighbors I’d be having to watch out testing your recipes… I’d be a load in no time. 🙂


  4. You’ve got my mouth watering….you know I would love that…..I love chocolate and peanut butter…..but…..I can’t lose weight and eat something like that…’re torchering me…..I haven’t been so good lately with my weight loss…..I’ve got to get with it or I will start gaining. I guess some people are lucky and get to eat all the goodies without gaining weight…..oh to be like some people.

  5. I wonder if you added some melted almond bark to the mix if that would harden the other things enough to leave them out of the frig?

    This would be a good cold treat on a hot day when kept in the cool.

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